Fuse woke up on a cot in a place that was completely unfamiliar to him. He sat up and looked around him, trying to remember where he was.

his sleep impaired memory returned with a wallop.

" Dreamgazer, my baby, my creation, my girl.. gone for good!"

He sat on the edge of the cot with his elbows on his knees, head in his hands. He didn't give a second thought to the fact that an entire planet had just disappeared into the cosmos.

A petite middle aged woman with short reddish brown hair entered  the room. The  cubicle  held Fuse, the cot,  a small table and nothing else.  She carried a tray with her, and set it on the table.

" I scanned you while you were sleeping to find out what your digestive system could take. You're mostly human in origin, although I don't know what planet you come from."

When Fuse just stared at her without taking the hint, she continued.

"Since you just went through a dreadful trauma, I brought you some comfort food that the young people of my planet like."

Fuse picked up an oblong abject.

"What's this?"

"It's a hot dog," she smiled.

"The adults consider them junk food, but the kids like this kind of stuff. There's also a cheeseburger, some fries and a slice of pizza. If you don't throw up, then the nightmare you just went through didn't hurt you physically."

Fuse picked up the cold can of pop and read the label.

"Root Beer. I've had this before. It's from Earth."

" Yes it is. So are my son and I . Roget is the one who picked you up off of G27 before it became one with the universe. Did you set that time bomb to destroy the Kestinos?"

Fuse nodded while he wolfed down everything on the tray.

"Brilliant idea. There are Kestinos everywhere, but  they aren't going to spread out from G27 anymore."  She commented.

"Thanks, ma'am. I don't know if it was brilliant, I just didn't know what else to do."

He looked up at her and studied her human features. Silums were similar except for the third eye in the forehead. He was too busy and distraught to notice if Roget had even had one. silums had the ability to hide that eye if they chose to.

He had simply gone by the design of the ship to decide the occupants were also Silum.

"I thought you were Silum."

He finished the last bite and wiped his mouth with the napkin provided.

"The ship is of Silum design. It isn't as pretty or streamlined as some of the Earth designs, but It's stronger, faster in short bursts, and a good deal more durable."

 He nodded in agreement.

"What's your, name?" she asked as she picked up the tray.

" Fuse Fervent. I just stopped to refuel at G27, then I was headed to Ithyon when the Kestinos attacked."

"My name is Via Dublin. You've met my son Roget, and my daughter Sesa are the owner operators of this ship,  The Cosmicana. The upkeep and daily function is dealt with by the robotic crew. "

The  mention of her ship reminded him of his own, the Dreamgazer.

" I had a ship of my own, a star fighter. I built her myself. She was called Dreamgazer. She's toast now."

He said sadly hanging his head in resolve and grief. That ship meant a lot to him. He thought of it as a living thing, her loss was like a death in the family.

"She's not exactly toast, but she is singed some.  She was blasted off the planet by one of the explosions. You mentioned your ship before you passed out, so we went looking for her. She was floating in space,  damaged, but fixable. Roget and Sesa are down in the hold now,cleaning her up to assess the damage."

Fuse jumped from the cot like a star burst.

"She's alive, My Dreamgazer is alive?' He cried.

Via laughed at his sudden animation.

"I'll take you to her." She said as she led the way.

The End

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