Incendiary Beginnings


The laser cut through the last layer of metal just as the spacefighter reached flight altitude. The heat from the Class III laser quickly started accelerating the condensed plasma ions in rapid succession, causing enough heat to rival a mini-nuclear weapon. The heat caused the plasma and the air around it to catch fire, despite the rarefied atmosphere. The fire slowly spread down both lengths of the metal pipe, searing and melting it to slag, and tearing into large explosions at pockets of air and side vents. Each explosion rocked the ground. The Kestinos who’d been standing next to the pipe were incinerated immediately.


Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom.


Each repeated explosion sent out concussion waves even into the air. Thankfully, the spacefighter had its impact shields on and the explosion served only to lift the spacefighter farther from the ground, if lift could be used to describe such a powerful thrust. The buffeting was intense, the noise only slightly abated by an absence of medium.

Fuse worked up the courage to look through one of the sight-panels. His plan was working sure enough. The accelerated explosions were shattering the very fabric of the planet. The explosions soon spread to the mining veins underground and turned the G27 subsurface into molten magma. Large volcanic vents started to abruptly burst onto the surface. The fires followed the pipes all the way to the refueling docks. The large containers of transport hulls could only mean one thing. A lot more condensed plasma. Simply put. Bye bye G27.


Fuse’s heart stopped. He had just remembered something.

When Fuse had invented the plan, he had counted on not surviving the rather fiery destruction of the planet. That’s why he had paid no further attention to the fact that the Dreamgazer had been parked on the same planet. Now that he was actually alive, he realized that his own starfighter had been left behind. He burst out at the Silum, “ Hey, turn this back. I need to go get my starfighter.”


Talk about a miniscule vocabulary.

“ My starfighter. Its still on the planet. I have to get it.”




This was one big explosion. Fuse had to look.


The plasma fire had reached the refueling stations. Fuse saw parts of the station engulfed in the strange zero gravity fire, lapping up the structure, miniature explosions flaring where the flame encountered a ship or a fuel line. Somewhere else, several large pieces of the crust seemed to have flaked loose and were floating in space. Just for a second, Fuse imagined seeing his own ship, though that was impossible through the flame and light. Then, a sharp burst of flame like the trajectory of a starfighter arced out of the massive flame and into deep space. Fuse shook his head, then looked again. It was happening all over the stations where pieces of debris were flying off into space, fuelled by the explosions under them. Fuse was struck with grief and despair. He started hurling himself at the sight-panels, maybe just to get out there, maybe to vent his frustration. He had spent half his life on the Dreamgazer. It was his friend, his companion, his baby. And he had just destroyed it with his own hands. Tough for almost anyone to live down.

After a while of banging, Fuse simply collapsed onto the floor. The Silum, after making sure that Fuse was not going to break out into any more violent outbursts, picked him up and carried him inside. G27 continue with its amplified imitation of a fireball. Gradually, the spacefighter left the smoldering planet far behind, with Fuse out cold.

There had to be an antithesis or three in there somewhere.  

The End

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