Close Encounters of the Kestino Kind

Fuse tried to signal out to the hovercars, but none of them was looking his way. A few of them had already reached the wreckage. They were trying to put out the fire. Others were cutting through the melted hull, using onboard Class III lasers, to try and reach inside. Fuse slowed down once again. He was fully aware that the wreckage could blow if the fires weren’t put out in time, especially if it was running on the new condensed plasma fuel, which was dangerously explosive. Even worse, there was a condensed plasma fuel line on G27 itself. There was every possibility that the line could be hit, which meant bye bye G27. Fuse knew it was best to let the hovercars do their jobs.

Fuse was about to turn around and walk away, when he saw some of the hovercars suddenly turn around and head away from the crash. At first, Fuse thought the fuel tank had caught fire, and the spacejet was about to blow. But then, Fuse saw the blue things crawling out of one of the holes in the spacejet. They looked like large worms, almost all blue. At this distance, Fuse couldn’t quite tell what they were. But they looked like they were the reason the ambulance hovercars were speeding away. One of them was headed his way. Fuse hollered out, “Hey! What’s going on?” The Kahnan in the hovercar slowed down and shouted back, “Kid, get in, that spacejet’s crawling with Kestinos”


“Kestinos, they’re headed our way. Get in!!!”

Fuse got in, and the Kahnan sped off at full speed. Kahnans were a race of healers with moderate intelligence. That’s why they usually worked on ambulance hovercars and medships. The Kahnan was talking really fast, “Never thought the damn Kestinos would get this far. What’s the GBCE doing? We’ve got to warn the others. We’ve got to get everyone to leave. If they get their mouths on a ship, it could be worse than what we started with. We can’t let them leave here. Kid, you got a ship?”

“Yeah, I do. Let’s warn the others first.”

 “I don’t, you’ll let me come with you, won’t you?”

“Sure pops, let’s just deal with this first, okay?”

Fuse had only heard of the Kestinos and their deadly attacks in many parts of the universe. But he’d never expected to be faced with an attack. Suddenly, his thoughts perked up. Here was his chance. Once he got Dreamgazer running, he could double back and shoot the crap out of the Kestinos. He could do it, he’d be a hero. The saviour of G27. Ok, so maybe that wasn’t very catchy, but there was always the outside chance they might rename the planet after him. 

In the meanwhile, their hovercar had reached the main waiting room annexe. Fuse and the Kahnan got and started rushing to the Control Deck. There were already alarms sounding. A synthetic voice was saying, “…orbit. Please don’t panic. There’s been a Kestino attack on the planet. Kindly exit to your spaceships in an orderly fashion and commence orbit. Please don’t…”

Fuse looked out the Firmaglass viewing window and saw the Kestinos racing towards the annexe. “There’s not enough time. Pops, you got any weapons on you? There’s a good chance we might have to fight.”

"Here, I got two Compulsers. You take one.”

Fuse felt the compressed pulser gun in his hand. It looked like a striated tube with a small handle for a trigger. It was the first time he had held a gun in his hand. It felt good. 


There had already begun a mad rush towards the lifts and up towards the docking stations. Many people were already out.

“Look kid, we can’t get everybody out. There’ll be some drunken loser who hasn’t bothered to hear the warning. We gotta guard the lifts till they can shut down the entire system.”

“But then what about us?”

 “Don’t worry son, I got the lockdown codes. We’ll be able to get out. Tell the Control Deck to initiate a lockdown.”

 Most of the control staff too had rushed out. The few remaining quickly started up the lockdown sequence and hightailed it out of there. Then it was just the Kahnan and Fuse who were still in the annexe. And minutes later, the Kestinos burst in through the Firmaglass.

The End

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