The Anjini Wars

When the Anjini Ring, a cluster of planets rotating about the same orbit in the Anjini solar system, was found to contain life-forms, the Unclassified Organism Database sent out a team to investigate. To their horror, they found the Kestinos, a virulent species that preyed on the minds of other sentient beings. The team was ordered to bring back a few Kestinoid cells for tests. However, they broke out of their containment units and took over the ship. Thus began the Anjini Wars.....

In a relatively quiet part of the universe, Fuse Fervent, a trainee spacefighter pilot, headed towards Ithyon, to complete his training. The planet Ithyon was the best training centre which covered all forms of training in all fields to the most excellent students. Fuse was proud to be headed there. Little did he know that his fate lay elsewhere.

Fuse gently parked his modded starfighter, christened ‘Dreamgazer’, into the nearest refuelling slot. Fuse had designed it himself, and even handbuilt the high-capacity ion fuel tank which allowed it hold almost twice as much fuel as a normal starfighter. Besides, he had installed a proprietary JetPulse thruster, his own invention, which allowed it to go upto 250 gigametres per hour with a warp locative accuracy of .25 nanometres, which meant that it could accurately warp-travel into even a very small location. Fuse was of course very proud of the Dreamgazer, but he was even more proud that he had been accepted by the Spacefighter’s Academy at Ithyon. He had been top of his class, but somehow he had never been sure that would be enough.

The refueller monitor-bot told him the refuelling would take atleast another G27 day and invited him to step out and enjoy his stay at refuelling planet G27. Fuse sneered at the artificial welcome, and disembarked after wearing his spacesuit. Fuse had never been much for robots, he always preferred people better. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that his father had eloped with a fembot, leaving him, his mother and his younger brother to fend for themselves. But then again, Fuse had probably buried that memory real deep, just like every other bad experience he had ever had.

Outside the fuel dock, there were a few bars and a holo-movie theater. An old crone was standing next to one of the bars, holding a sign that said, “I need credits for my funeral”. Fuse looked away.

He kept walking on the run-down walkway. He had seen many refuelling planets in his time, almost always inhabited by lowlifes and people who didn’t want to be found. There was always the odd cyber-hermit, those who had devoted themselves to exclusively virtual lives and always a few fembots, advertising their wares out on the walkways. It made him sick just to think why people would resignedly accept their fate, instead of trying to make it better. He had done it, so why couldn’t they?

Fuse had been walking for a while, when he heard the crash. Or felt it rather, the glass dome around the walkway, and the rarefied atmosphere outside, didn’t help conduct sound very well. But he could feel the shockwaves of the impact. He looked to his left to see a blazing inferno. Clearly some novice pilot had tried to show off too much and his spacejet had crashed directly into the ground. Or that’s what Fuse thought had happened. Fuse still felt obliged to help. He opened one of the walkways exits and stepped out into the open atmosphere. From his right he saw ambulance hovercars headed towards the scene of the crash. He stopped, thinking that the meds would do whats necessary, but then on second thought, he started running towards the crash site. All of a sudden, something didn’t seem right. Fuse’s pilot instincts kicked in. The angle at which the spacejet had crashed, there was no way that had happened by accident. It looked too deliberate. Besides, Fuse couldn’t hear a single alarm klaxon ringing, not a single crash prevention bag had been activated on the outside. All of a sudden, it was very clear to Fuse, someone had wanted that spacejet to crash.

The End

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