Bitter sweet and mobs?Mature

Her tongue slid across his bare neck teasingly, which gave him goosebumps. She chuckled at this then bit down puncturing two holes at the crook of his neck.
"Mmm~." So bitter, it tingled her taste-buds as if she had just tasted a sour candy.  Then another flavour came into view, a sweet lickerish taste. She pulled him a little closer, so that she wouldn't have to raise herself so much. Diyan of course didn't mind at all and he enjoyed it. Actually it felt good really good, extremely good, extra- well you get the point. After about ten minutes of drinking she pulled back her cheeks lit up. " Soo~ good.!"
"Oh?" Diyan smirked rubbing where she had bitten then cracked his neck. He was glad she enjoyed it as much as he did, though something was stirring inside of him, a certain evil that he had been keeping at bay.
"Wait I have to heal the wounds!" She says licking over them, which sent shivers down Diyan's spine. She then walked ahead as if nothing was wrong.
Nearby a group of children were watching them. Why, you ask. They were playing when they saw a girl biting the mans neck fearful that they would be next they sprinted off to tell their parents.
" Woah.." Diyan stared at the princess looking her over, hell Shin wasn't here to get mad, as far as he could see he could rape her and no one would know. Thankfully enough he had morals and self respect, which was slowly slipping away by the hour.
" So are you coming or are you just going to stand there?" She twist her torso a bit to glance at him, her hand still on her hip.
He snaps back to reality gulping before trudging forward. Dayum, shawty had swagger! Out of the corner of his eye he spots a group of people, all of which whom have torches and pitchforks. They trailed the two until Cada finally gave in.
" What is it you ask of me?" She sits down calmly facing the angry parents.
"Demon!" They cried, throwing holy water at her feet. A little bit landed on her leg. Cada tried the best she could to ignore the pain but she could feel the water sizzle into her skin, like acid. Slowly she stood up and turned to face them.
" Are you happy now.." She's unstable, her vision blurry but she's good at faking and keeps her head in the same direction. She can feel the energy swirling inside her. It was calling out to her with its sick and twisted voice. ' Let's show them, what we can do, come on it will be fun I promise.' But she ignores it the best she can and repeats once more. " Are you happy now?" Her voice is a little shaky as she tries to fight the darkness inside her.
" Wench! Leave the boy, our children have seen you, sucking the very soul out of him. Leave this place, you are unwanted, unloved, hated forever!" A man stepped forth out of the crowd holding a bible.
Cadapech regretted leaving the bible there the moment 'man' started walking on the planet, so to make up for that she let them enjoy it but gave the women a little more wisdom, even though she knew that people would rarely listen. She respected all religion, though she felt she had no real use for if. What was it to her to pray to some magical being in the sky. Maybe she pitied them, and their false hope though she did find it interesting.  Although, she admires those who use it for good and no lies smothered in-between those pages.
Still it was confusing to think that she would bring the customs of earth to her home made planet, after she pledged to not let corruption and greed control them. Though she knew better then to give these books to the magical creatures. What use would they have? Being told by some book that they didn't exist. Simply atrocious.
" Give up, boy if you know what's good for you , you will join us. Now come into the loving hands of god." The preacher took a step forward towards Diyan who was gritting his teeth. He almost lashed out at the insane maniac until Cada spoke up in a hushed barely audible voice.
" I thought god was almighty, not some weak preacher." She cringed at the word ' god ' the energy cracking excitedly.
" The power of the lord resides in all of us, but why should I expect a spawn of Satan to know of such things. " He snickered and raised his hands in front of him once more. " Now son come, rejoice with the lord who shall dispose of this traitor of all things good. "
The demon growled at this foolish mortal and went to step out, but something was holding him back. He turned to see Cada smiling sweetly, her fangs barely visible. She walks ahead of him to shield him from these words of hate.
" If the lord resides in ALL of us, then he is in me and in Satan, or better yet Lucifer. " She was weakening and you could see her maroon aura seeping out from beneath her.  " You believe your children and they tell such tall tales, why now because you benefit from it? Insolence, you are all children afraid of the unknown." Her feet no longer touching the ground, her eyes clouded with misery. " You want to see a demon so bad ?!" They just look at her startled, unable to speak. What on earth is going on. " Here's a demon !" She hisses loudly as ebony demonic wings spread from her back. Those soft eyes filled with hate and despair; slowly she floats towards them revealing her fang like canine teeth. You could hear pebbles rub against each other as vines suddenly burst out from the soil wrapping around the preachers leg.
The man threw holy water once more which made her scream in agony before the vine hurriedly slid into his mouth. He gagged and choked until it wrapped around his heart and crushed it. There was little blood spilled which disappointed the being inside of her, though at the moment of his death the other peasants scurried out of there as quick as they could before they wound up dead too.
Her eyes shut and she collapses, Diyan rushes and catches her. He stares down at her face she looked beautiful. Though he was worried. He wanted so desperately to kiss her, to take all the pain away, but he refrained and just sat down laying her on his lap. Without warning she sat up her lips pressing against his. Quickly she backs up and rams the back of her head against a tree letting out  a small groan.
" W-What the hell!? Why are you so damn close?!" She growls wrapping her arms around the base of the tree.
" I didn't do anything, this I swear in all that is unholy."  He crossed his heart smiling wickedly. Which for obvious reasons made Cada blush.
" God that's a hot smile..." She whispers to herself. Unfortunately he hears this and snickers crawling over to her. Cadapech looks towards him raising an eyebrow. " Yea, what do you want?" ' What the hell is he doing?'
" Oh nothing, so I got a hot smile. "  He teases scooting closer. Cada thinks for a moment before finally speaking.
" Well yea, it's sexy for sure I mean the way you can see your fangs and the look in your eyes and... WHY THE FUCK AM I TELLING YOU THIS?!"
Once more he snickers and wraps his arms around her smiling. " Aww~! So cute~! " How adorable she had a fetish for darkness. He just hit the jack pot!
She growls pushing him off and climbing up the tree letting herself hang off the branch. He lays down and just looks up getting a slight nosebleed.
" Those are tight booty shorts. "
" Perve..." She drops down beside him and yawns she really needs sleep. After all she had to preserve her powers for tomorrow. She was going to  be normal for a whole day, and knowing him she was going to need as much as she can preserve. " Can we go now...." She says sitting back up again.
He smirks, ' She must really wanna share a bed. ' But then he looks again and sees her eyes drooping, she leans forward threatening to fall on her face. Worried he catches her and turns her over. ' Great! ' He thinks. ' She passed out. '
Irritated he carries her all the way to his house. It was a simple woods mans house, two bedrooms a living room one bathroom and a kitchen. He set her down on his bed, then left for the spare room. It was barely even possible to get to the bed , tools, clothes and other knick knacks covered the room. The floor was buried somewhere underneath.
He lay down throwing the sheets to the side as it was too hot to sleep covered, even though it was the fall. Suddenly he could hear the soft squishing and crinkling of feet over the mess that was supposedly the ground. He pretends to be asleep but keeps an eye cracked open towards the doorway where the shadow loomed. His eyes soon adjusted to the light revealing the princess, one way or another she had gotten into a long black nightgown. Though the oddest thing was that she had a black red striped tail, and striped ears to match.
" Hm, something wrong?" the demon asks not moving an inch. She probably had a nightmare and doesn't want to stay in his room alone. ' Yes! That's perfect!' he thinks still staying emotionless. ' I'll play the hero and ward off the evil dreams, but in exchange she has to sleep next to me. Diyan you're a genius! ' He smirks at himself before looking back over at her, giving a little jump realizing how close she had become.
" Sasfdlojgkemdk....." She mumbles, stretching her arms outward towards Diyan. He of course just raises and eyebrow, but before he has time to question she lunges herself at him. " Dolly~!"
His immediate reaction is to wrap his arms around her, at which he blushed fiercely but managed to focus on a less... exciting topic. Cadapech rubs her cheek against his giggling like a child who's just gotten ice-cream. Not very helpful to the demon who's about to boil over.
" Dolly~. " She repeats. Hugging him a little tighter she lays down gripping onto his arm.
" O-Oi! What's the big idea?!" Her grip was tight so he yanked himself free almost forcing her off the bed. At which she protested by whimpering.
" D-Dolly?" She asks on the verge of tears. The young goddess seats herself on the edge of the bed and just stares at the open door, unwanted, unloved hated forever. Surrounded by love, some of which was directed at her, but she still felt so alone. Even in this droopy unconscious state she sheds no tears, she simply just stares, thinking of ways she could decline her roll as goddess and live as a mortal, or die as one.
You know that pain in your stomach that you get when you've done something wrong? That churning of acid, and the weird feeling that at any moment you could break down blaming yourself for every wrong doing in this small and sinful world? Well, Diyan had that feeling, even though he was a demon she had somehow broke through that un-penetrable barrier and clashed her own feelings with his. Now he felt a slither of her alone-ness. Which was horrible, it felt like he was choking and everyone seemed to just ignore his existence. He could hardly imagine what she felt, all he knew was it must be close enough to make her want to give her life up. Poor mortal.
Compassionately he grabs her by the waist and pulls her back down onto the bed; gently humming an obscene lullaby into her ear. That seemed to calm her down for the most part until after she fell asleep he went to go get a drink. Her hand gripped onto his forearm and refused to release her face scrunched up in worry and pain.
" Dolly?" It was a plead, he decided, a plead for him to stay beside her, to ease the pain of her nightmares; to be the blanket that she could hide under to protect her from the boogeyman. It was a plead for him to be her castle wall, so she could seal herself in, and keep the neighbors out, no matter how much they wanted her kingdom. And he excepted that plead laying back down placing her head on his chest. He slept not a wink that night, no, he stayed up guarding over the diamond of Kalariaton.
" Shh, " He rubs her back gently and can't help but to kiss her forehead. " Dolly's here."

The End

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