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Well, I guess this should start off before she meets her first anime, shouldn't it? Yes, yes it should. Ok, so Cadapech Fenwa here. Hi this is my story, I'm using third person of course, but only until I can get the hang of first person. It's not my fault! Um, uh w-what else is there. I don't know enjoy, kye~.

Ch 1: Introducing... 
The sun set its final rays spreading across the large mountains that guarded over the kingdom of Kalariaton. The peasants are scurrying through the twisted streets in an effort to get home, before the moon has a chance to cast its light on the century old stone graves that lurk around the large graveyard.
In the shadows hid a young man in his early teens, dressed in nothing but baggy black pants with chains hanging from his front pockets to his back. His hair a dark ebony that flips over his face shielding one of his crimson eyes, while the other eye pierces like a dagger through the darkest cavern. His skin as pale as arsenic. He was well toned and was around 5"7 still growing.
Finally the noise of the kingdom had come to a deathly halt and all the lights had dimmed leaving the glowing white moon flood the valley with its light. Its rays ending at his tiptoes. Slowly and carefully he stepped out of the safety of the alleyway. The trees buckled in welcoming as the wind howled making a mess of his already unruly hair. He reckoned they'd be out to feed by now and he was right, the soil began to shift in its graves as the un-dead started to roam the streets. The boy walked further out in the open pulling out a dagger that sat in a pouch on his side.
"Oi fuggers ." He says his tongue sliding across his fangs.
He was a demon and a handsome one at that, though he didn't act like it the princess of Kalariaton herself had appointed him and a small group of warriors, guards over the kingdom. Immediately after he was finished he was supposed to go and file his report to her. Though the demon side just wanted to kill and ditch.
He was in charge of the southern region of Moliotte which was proven to be the most troublesome of all regions. Up north was where the dukes and lords traveled, he had never really bothered to go up there figured there was no one worth seeing and besides he had nothing to do up there. The princess was far up in the middle of Kalaria, Kalariaton's Capitol. He had never really met her just received a letter to attend a meeting at the royal palace. He went but was greeted by some older men who had also been summoned and an old goat named Fuhifer, who later announced their duties and appointed them heads of the Kaliroten.
Forcefully and gladly he struck down his battle axe into the flesh of the decomposing bodies, the stench was horrible but he judged this was better than tending after the princess, even though he'd never done it before.
Eventually he finished his patrol then turned to leave chuckling at the mess he's made. The Kirion's should be by to clean up the bodies before anyone had a chance to find them or become infected. Oh what a disaster that would be.
"Diyan! The princess wants to speak to you A.S.A.P!" Shin rushed beside the boy using his shoulder as support while he hyperventilated. He had always had weak lungs and yet he refused to do anything that didn't require running. He wore a brown leather t-shirt/ v-neck with a fishnet shirt underneath. Then long grey pants. He had silver-ish hair that shined majestically in the sunlight. He of course was taller than the boy seeing as he had just turned 19 and a dashing 5"10 to the sixteen year old brat.
 They walked together which was quite a long walk considering how far the castle was from Moliotte. Kalariaton truly was a large kingdom, honestly in one part of the kingdom where the sun was rising in another part it would be setting. It was an entire planet and was fused between multiple time zones. Though the houses were not all stone and grey they were more of a glowing white. Which proved exceptionally beautiful on sunny days, this was a mystical land and a magical one at that.
After about an hour of walking they reached the castle and headed in walking in through the large golden doors, up the marble stair case down the seemingly never ending corridors and into the royal office. There were rows of books of all sorts’ spells and all. Most of the books were a small portion of the royal library, meaning in general the library was hella big!
The princess was sitting in a long white gown back turned to them the pearls decorating her hair which fell just above her neck. The dress she was wearing had straps but they hung down at the base of her shoulders like a strapless dress, revealing her chocolate neck and medium shoulders. You can see the tip of the diamond tiara and how she loved diamonds. At the waist of the gown was a band of diamonds that whirled around to the front and at the back was an upside down v that revealed some silver baby blue lace.
Shin got down on one knee as did Diyan though they kept silent until Shin spoke up.
"Your majesty." He says with his eyes on his feet.
“Shin you know you have no need to call me that." She got up and turned around smiling gently. Her eyes an un-natural crimson though she only left them that way when she was alone, other than that they would be a dark chocolate brown which in dim lighting would appear black. She had a smile she was proud of and often checked in mirrors when she'd get the chance. Her lips were naturally full and she had a sort of flat nose but in all around general she was beautiful and looked something around an African princess. She was a true beauty for someone who was only fourteen.
"I'm sorry princess." He says hanging his head in shame. Of course she didn't approve of this and used her finger to raise his head.  Her eyes sparkled in the candle light; she wasn't a fan of large lights and appreciated the darkness which is what Shin found oddly amusing. Though if the sun rays peeked through the clouds and were raining streams of light she'd be the first one to notice.
“What is my real name?” She asked giving him a small smirk.
"Cadapech." Shin smirked back up at her before they both got into a laughing fit. Diyan was at a loss of how well these two knew each other and was strangely getting a little jealous which he shrugged off to be some bad chicken from the small shop they'd stopped by for a midnight snack.
Then the young girl turned to face the demon who stood upright immediately, his muscles tensed and he stared intensely at her half expecting to be yelled at for no particular reason.  Though all she did was smile once more letting out a small chuckle before holding her head upright as to seem taller which obviously failed seeing as she was only 5"3.
"Diyan. You've been given an extra task to go along with watching over your domain. “She says clamping her hands together in front of her.
"Yes? Your majesty." Confused whether or not he was allowed to call her by her real name he chose the alternative. 'More work!' He thought to himself, it was bad enough he had to watch over the drug filled hippies in southern Moliotte, now he had more work? Absurd! He was just about to retaliate before she cut him off by saying something he would always remember.
"I am to accompany you in your patrols in the south." Her smile widened as she lifted her heels a bit to snicker proudly.
“Uh... I don't think so! It's much too dangerous for you Cadapech! Besides what if he figures out-" Shin grabbed her by the shoulders and stared at her intensely, you could easily see the fear and worry in his eyes. Cadapech just stood there staring back. They stood silent for a moment before he realized he was getting nowhere with this and if she had her mind set on something she'd do it. She was so damn stubborn. He looked at Diyan who was astounded and just gawked at them jaw wide open, then back to the young teen who still had her eyes locked on him. "Oi Diyan!" He wrapped his arms around her waist and narrowed his eyes at the demon. “She better not get fucking hurt, or I'll have your ass served to you on a pile of horse shit!" He warned no not warned threatened.
"R-Right!" Too frightened to actually argue against his threat Diyan nodded as Cadapech stood by his side eagerly awaiting their departure.
“Do I get to sleep with him too? Wait! I mean beside him..." She blushed looking down at her bare feet suddenly gaining interest in her silver nail-polish. The boy turned red his eyes large pedestals, and stepped back for a moment looking in the other direction.
" ... No, unless you have a nightmare but only then. Besides its bad enough you sleep in bed with me."
This got Diyan's attention, she slept with Shin?! He turned his head back to the two, which actually made him choke a little, and he felt a sudden rush of anger flow through him.Shin had his arms wrapped around her and was kissing her forehead. “Be careful... I can't lose you..." He says his eyes glistening with tears.
Gently Cadapech raised her hands to cup his cheeks.  "Don't worry I know he'll protect me... and if not I'm not that weak. Even if I am... you know." she smiled reassuringly at him making sure to exaggerate it a bit the way she usually does when she's sure of herself. “I love you!" A quick hug and kiss on the cheek and she was beside Diyan smiling happily. The demon looked at her and only realized now what she was wearing. He blushed a bit at this and how the color of her dress made her skin stand out and her eyes sparkle more, though he pushed those thoughts aside seeing as she seemed taken already.
"Ahem are you sure you can fight in ahem...that?” Diyan pointed to her dress and she nodded quickly running off down the hall. A few minutes later she returned in a maroon skirt that had slits on both sides with black leather  short shorts that had fishnets underneath that went down just above her knees, a maroon tube top with a fishnet shirt under it though no sleeves instead it wrapped around her neck. Her hair was tied back into a bun-like pony tail and she was smiling once more.
"Better?" She asks placing her hands on her hips.
“Yes princess." He blushed again trying not to make eye contact which was a bad idea; silver head over there was snickering at him. Which confused him, shouldn't he be mad that he was eyeing HIS girl like that. Hell if she were Diyan's and he saw some guy doing that within a split second the boy would have died from brain injuries.
“Please call me Cadapech. I'd prefer that over princess." She smiles as she starts sprinting out of the castle around the back and through the hedges, into a secret compartment that hid a quicker way to southern Moliotte.
They arrived and the un-dead felt this. They felt the difference of energy and came SPRINTING down the pathways in the cemetery towards the two teens. But she wasn't scared in fact she smirked jumping upward and managing to kick a zombies head off making it kick into three others as they dropped motionless, then proceeded on flipping two more and using their bodies to take out five each. In a matter of minutes she was finished panting just a bit hands on her knees.
“That was fun!" Her eyes lit up with excitement.
"Y-Yea.” She wasn't weak for sure, hell if she can take out seventy zombies in a matter of minutes bare handed then she sure as hell would be quicker with a weapon. Or so he figured, and honestly he was right with a weapon she could easily take out a country. A large kingdom with a paperclip, and with a feather an entire village.
"So now what?" She asked bouncing up and down. Earlier she decided to chug some slushies for the small amount of brain freeze there was an almost everlasting adrenaline rush.
Diyan shrugged glaring at her, he loathed peppy people and she was a little over excited. This irritated him. 'I hate it when people get over excited!' He thought, and for some odd reason Cadapech glanced over at him and immediately stopped jumping.
“Sorry. I didn't know... I'm sorry." She says letting her gaze drift back down to her feet.
"Sorry for what?" He asked confused. 'Did she just read my....' Now he was genuinely confused of course he could have made a face without realizing it.
"Your mind? Yes... I apologize for this also, oh and don't worry you didn't make a face so um- yes. Shall we move on?" Cadapech brushed some loose hair behind her ear smiling at Diyan. She gazed into his eyes and blushed for a moment which was odd considering what it would take to make her blush. Her blush was actually her just smiling enough to show her dimples well mostly if she's embarrassed. Though this one was different her cheeks actually turned a semi blending red.
“Did you just?" He questioned catching her change of skin tone, a little unnerving seeing how dark her skin was.
"Hm? I didn't do a thing." A master at dodging embarrassing questions she snickers walking ahead of him yawning a bit. He chuckles at this, heh maybe he could show her how hard it is being a guard and that would make her go back. “Shifts over luv. We can go now if you'd like, besides I'm getting a little tired. Ooooh take me to your house! I want to see where you live."
Diyan stood there thinking to himself. 'What does she want to do at my house?' He gulped looking back at her growing red.
“Someone should get their mind out of the gutter~!"
Oh this was amusing, a demon blushing, he looked strangely cute especially how he tries to hide it. This wasn't the time to be thinking about that, she realized her mouth had gone dry. She refused to drink from a mortal or her brother would punish her and so she walked in front of Diyan with an emotionless expression. Deep down inside she was embarrassed and was blushing like crazy. “U-Um. I-I'm thirsty A-And I was wondering if y-you could um... let me d-drink some of your b-blood." She had never ever felt so awkward in her entire life! Dear lord this was annoying it was like accidentally going into a men’s’ bathroom and asking for a tampon. Her older sister had done that and was scarred for two months.
This was the perfect time to take advantage of her. After all he was a demon, and her just a fourteen year old girl. "And what do I get in return." He asks snickering as she loses control of her expressions.
“What do you want?"  Her gut gave off a warning growl.
“You~ have to leave tomorrow morning but before that we share a bed." A sly grin stretched across his face and she shivered.
“I’m ok with leaving tomorrow, but I'm not sharing the same god damn-"
" I guess you're not that thirsty then." 
Pinned! That idiot got her pinned; thankfully she had a back-up plan.  "Fine I'll just starve myself and when you bring me back I'll tell Shin about everything.” Cadapech smirked at the role reversal now he was the one in a jam. She knew that if Shin found out the Diyan had let her starve he would be practically dead demon or not.
"Fine... Just leave tomorrow."
Bingo she won and so she casually walked over before stopping an inch away from him. Smiling she went on her tiptoes a bit bearing one of her fangs.

The End

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