The animal in me.

At times, In your life... You find someone who just knows everything about you and doesnt need your presence forever to know you and be with you.

you can callthem a soulmate or whatever you love. Even that doesnt matter!

All that matters, Is your love. :)

There is an animal in me.

Calms down because of you.


Or maybe,
just hides for a while.


Your presence
 makes me civilized.
My soul comes at peace.
My blood stops boiling.

And my skin,

Which used to irritate myself,
Stops behaving so!


My eyes stop wandering,
They have met their destiny, in yours’.

At times,

I end up staring…
So badly that,
You question me.


Your eyes,
When they ask me, ‘What’s wrong?!’
Make me go blank.

White landscape covers them.


I tend to drape.
But by that time,
You already have caught my lie.

But believe me,
Because you know,
I shall pour it out,
All of it!!

The End

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