The Anima

Out of all the people out there, who'dve thought some possesed gifts? With far darker tales than those in the films,and who'dve thought some of them had dog ears?


The man turned round, seeing a small girl quivering.

“What?” He snapped.

“The outbreak it’ll, it’s dangerous sir, and you know that.”

“ Yes. And?”

“ It’ll mutate certain cellular particles, and they’ll produce more, and, and I don’t know what’ll happen.”

“ I’ll tell you what will happen.”

He jumped off the desk and opened a web browser, the girl, kept her distance, watching the man warily.

“ I’ve done some research, it’ll mutate outer body parts, into whatever the virus was infused with.”

“ A small price for what they’ll be capable of.”

He pointed to the images on screen.

“ Spiderman?” She asked wearily.

  Each particle has been infused differently, each with a different effect, some will have the ability to regenerate themselves at astonishing rates, because they’ve evolved that way, some will cause energy conduction and production in certain areas of the body.”

“You mean…?”

“ Monica.” The man turned to her, removing his glasses. “This will cause them to have superpowers.”



It was truly idyllic here. Lisa thought, as she trailed her hand lazily over the water surface, ripples rushing away from the offending joint. She wondered what was happening at home, would Jonathan find her note? The delicious image of Jonathan leapt into her mind, his melted minstrel fluff on his head, his ghostly eyes that cut into her heart, his tall, well-built body. He was perfect, amazing.

She lifted her head up to the sky, hair briefly brushing against her feathery attachments. She smiled, small but important.

“ OI!”

The scratchy, heavy voice cut through the sweet air, she grudgingly turned to its owner, who appeared to be an old farmer.

“What the bloody hells are you doing you slut!”

“Me? I’m sitting down.”

“You know what I mean!”


Oh well, she thought as he approached, you can’t touch me anyway.

The man came within her range, She stared him out. Concentrate.

It was slightly painful, but well worth it, the pinprick from her eyes caused quite an effect, which was fun to see.

Something shot out of her, taking the pain with it, and knocked him flying, it stayed, wrapping her in its protective shell.

The farmer shook his head, before running back up his hill, Lisa giggled. Now would be a good time to leave, she thought. But first…

She touched it, she had to, and they amazed her.

Her hand slipped up her back, to the spot between her shoulder blades, two, slightly risen, images of delicate blue feathers. When they came, so did her shell that protected her, she just shot it out, it was an offense and defence.

She sighed heavily, before walking away from the lake

The End

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