fight against the army of Molokeh

For once in the village of Gombo, the night was too short. The drum that people had used in this village for a thousand years  as a signal was sounding when Mamba still was without an answer to his inner torment. In the public place, the warriors of the whole tribe were ready to fight. Before the Lion went in front of the tribe to tell what he had to tell, Ziguehi, the crazy man who spoke to everyone about every thing said: "I knew our prince before he came into this world. God told me in my dream that this son will be a savior for my tribe. He will prefer to die than to run. A few minutes later, Mamba was there, with a piece of news and he said: "Maybe I am less brave than my father was but I took the decision to fight against this cursed army!!!"  All the warriors shouted in unison: "Yeah!!!" like they said yes to dying for the freedom of their country.

In the kingdom of the Molokeh, the Princess Ghalia who had a love affair with Mamba when they were twenty still suffered from that. The characteristic thing of Ghalia was her ability to communicate with the Elephants. This ability was the powerful weapon of her father to win conflicts. Because of the cruelty of the King who killed everyone who criticized him, the princess was preoccuped. Her father noticed, but he did not know exactly what was bothering her. In fact, the Princess was planning to go far away from the King Zoumbou and make the fight equitable, or even help Mamba to fight against her own tribe.

The End

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