The Anger of a Bleeding Lion

We are in 1450, in a decisive moment for Mamba, Prince of Gombo to make a choice:  fight against the formidable army of Molokeh to avenge his mother killed by King Zoumbou three months earlier, or run in dishonor in the next city. He did not know what to do but he was hurting  in a way that no one could imagine. He was afraid to fight against the Molokeh because he knew what losing would mean for the whole tribe. His father had fought, and the consequences had been terrible for all his clan. The Lion of Gombo remembered how great was his pain at that time when his mother told him that his father was killed fighting against this murderous army, and he could easily imagine the effects of this conflict on the future of his son if he lost. He tried to find the meaning of what the old man told him in his dream before he left:  "If you want something enough, you will make it happen". He would win this fight but how to make it happen? One thing was clear, during many years the warriors of Gombo had tried so hard to win this periodical fight but they did not make it happen. What to do? With wisdom, he asked the clan to meditate for one night like his ancestors usually did in these cases. The Lion was confused but he still had one solution in this labyrinth: run in the next city.

The End

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