Chapter ThirteenMature

I could feel their eyes on me,
watching me worriedly as I walked out of the room. They thought I was mad. If I
didn’t tread carefully, I was going to find myself in a psychologist’s office.


I lay down on my bed, thinking so
hard that I was getting a headache. The thought of going back into the attic
for further, believable evidence was horrible. Maybe I should just drop the
whole thing, let mom and dad think that I’ve stopped messing around. Perhaps I
am going mad, and I should just let them send me to a psychologist.

After half an hour of miserable
maybe-I’m-mad thoughts, I grabbed my I-pod and decided that a few raging
heavy-metal songs turned up full-blast should render me incapable of thinking
again for at least a few hours. Turning the songs on ‘shuffle’ the first song
that came on was ‘Sweating Bullets’ by Megadeth. Great I thought miserably. Another
reference to losing your mind. The whole song is about going mad.

I lay there, listening to my I-pod
for about an hour and a half. Then mom and dad walked in.

“You should ‘ve knocked.”

I snapped glaring.

“We did. You couldn’t hear us over
your music.”

Dad told me, a hint of a smile on his
face. I suppose he was glad that I wasn’t writing my name across the wall in
blood or, I don’t know, carving sixes into my wrists or something.

“Sara, we both discussed your
behaviour lately.”

Mom said, not looking me in the eye.

“And you think I’m crazy.”

I muttered.

“No, we think that the move has
unsettled you, and as soon as we get the house all sorted out, we want to find
someone you can talk to for a while.”

“I could talk to both of you.”

I said bitterly.

“If you’d just believe me.”

The End

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