Chapter TenMature

She called out to the angel with the
black wings. That black-winged angel grabbed my shoulders, knocking me to the
ground and pinning me down with sharp claws.

The tall angel, the one with the
blood-coloured feathers on her wings, the one who had spotted me leaving
earlier, dug the tips of her nails into my wrist. Her talons were like burning
metal, silver tipped with glowing amber and ruby red. They felt like burning
metal as well, the most intense, melting heat and throbbing agony that you could
ever imagine. I lay writhing and screaming, as the pain hacked me apart like a

“Please just kill me, just stop
hurting me!”

I cried out, high-pitched.

They only derived more thrill and
amusement from my pain. For ten minutes I lay there, writhing and shrieking. It
seemed like an eternal amount of time though. I just shrieked to them, begging
them to either stop or kill me, until I could barely breathe, and every
heartbeat seemed to bruise me.

The End

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