Dr Hudson looked intently at one of the skeletons. This was the one with hair; which was peculiar as Lawrence had always thought monks shaved their heads so they were almost completely bald. This one, however, seemed to have a full head of strawberry blond curls. They had nicknamed this particular specimen 'Goldilocks' despite Hudson's objections. He considered it not a proper name for a religious man.

Lawrence broke the silence by coughing. Hudson turned around, almost surprised that the police officer was there, even though he had spoken to him only a few seconds earlier. 'Ah, Lawrence! There you are!' exclaimed Hudson, 'I need to show you something.' He rummaged in his coat pockets for the best part of five minutes, and finally pulled out a piece of paper. Lawrence knew what it was before the professor spoke. The curse. There was no doubt that Hudson had succumbed to the belief that it was the cause of all the strange happenings in the area.

'Look,' sighed Lawrence, 'I know what you're going to say, and I don't buy it. The very idea that a piece of paper could be the thing behind the murder of Abigail Dawson is ludicrous. Believe me, I've seen the body. There is no way a piece of paper could do that much damage. And if you believe it-'

'That's the thing; I don't believe it. The girl was obviously murdered by something of this world.'

'Finally! Someone who takes my side in this affair. But, if you don't mind me asking, how did you know? I don't mean to say that I actually believed this nonsense of 'curses', but I don't see how you could find it all out from this paper.'

'On the contrary, Inspector. The language of the text proves that it simply can't date from the 14th century. I consider myself a bit of an expert in analysing historical writing, and the way the words flow tell me that this 'curse' is definitely not from anywhere near the time of this monastery. If anything, I would say it was written in the mid 1990's. What do you make of this?' Hudson asked.

'Well, it's put a stop to all this talk of ghosts, that's for sure. Though the timing of the message still puzzles me. Why would the killer wait almost twenty years to spring into action? And what's the deal with the monks? They are definitely from the 1300's, so how did this murderer know about them in the first place?'

'That was confusing me too. Until five years ago, this land was protected property. Not to mention the fact that the abbot's chamber was closed to the public.' said Hudson.

'One thing's for sure,' said Lawrence wistfully,'we are dealing with someone who's not exactly in their right mind. If my profiling skills are correct, this killer is going to strike again. And soon.'





The End

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