The Angel of Auschwitz

I am the superior Camp Doctor,

I judge those who are able to pay their life-debt to the Reich.

If they will manage the work months, they are forced on the train left.

If they are worthless, they are forced on the train right.

It is my only pleasure to serve the Führer.

I care not for what end these rats meet.

But the eyes of that rat are now forever my persecution.

She was no older than childhood. Nothing special.

A stranger for one of those common rats. Her hair was almost of the Aryan kind, nearly blonde.

But nothing about her physical person was so striking as her eyes. Blue, in an acute, knifing sense, and cold as any winter in Poland. Instantly, I threw her right with a wave of jealousy. How dare any Jew or the like look as German as she did?

The alien smiled simply, no, it was almost unnoticeable. A comforting smile. Like she accepted my decision with her soul, and believed in it. Crude innocence and naivety in a whirl of goodwill. I had been forgiven before I even saw her.

The End

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