Case II - Part 4Mature

Johakin "Dancing Wolf" Aylen lived in a house that looked more like a hunting cabin than anything else. The large back yard that had been fortified with a wooden palisade seemed to contain a longhosue replica that could be seen from the road.

Vincent needed to talk to the Shaman that could have been responsible for the death of the teen boy several days earlier. Vincent had nothing bad on him that he had found but magicians could alway raise hell if they wanted to...

After parking the car, The investigator walked to the cabin and knocked on the door three times. After a minute of silence, he was about to knock again when the door opened. Behind it was a native man with fairly dark skin wearing a cultural outfit.

"Osiyo!" This one said, greeting the agent in the cherokee language.

"Evening sir. I'm Special agent Anderson, FBI. I'd like to ask you some questions."

"Of course, please come in."

The shaman brought his guest to the center of the two room house, sitting him a large wicker chair.

"What brings you here Mr. Anderson?"

"I'm here investigating the death of Jake Edwards."

"Pardon me, but I fail to understand how I am related to this case..."

"I've been ordered to check every leads, I assure you, you aren't a suspect. What do you know about the brown mountain lights?" Vincent reasured him.

"You see, when whiteman came, there was many strife and sorrows. Those lights are the soul of my tribe's ancestors, trying to find their way back to their now inexsistant homes."

"And would these spirits have any reason to attack Mr.Edwards?"

"Perhaps they are angry and sought vengeance from the white man."

"By killing a kid but not the girl with her? She even said she felt good when the lights touched her..." The false FBI suit noted, analysing the man's response.

"Perhaps one of the tribes men like the dear girl." The other said with a shrug.

"Liked, as in love?"

"I do not know. But that may be the case."

"Alright. I've got something else to ask you." Vincent said, rummaging through his pockets before taking out a page from a personal calendar.

"The victim's girlfriend's mother came to see you three days prior to the incident, apparently she wished to speak to her dead husband which as I was informed, you summoned. He was a man with a perticular hatred of Mr. Edwards..."

The shaman's face turned livid as his smile shifted to a scared glance.

"I... I... I don't see what you imply sir."

"Did you summon the spirit of Ms. Meyers' husband?"

The man didn't answer before tackling the agent and bailing out using the front door.

Vincent tried to catch him, but he was begining to be hungry, not enough blood left in him to accelerate to preternatural speed...

"God damn it!" He spat.

The End

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