Case II - Part 3Mature

First, he decided to pay a visit to the college professor. It seemed a safer first choice than the possible necromantic shaman and digging up a guy's grave.

Professor Isaac Neal or technically Dr. Isaac Neal. Lived a minute out of town proper. In an very old Colonial time house that had been entirely modernized yet kept it's historic value. From what Vincent gathered on the man's website, he was currently working on translating from old Greek a book that talked about Gnostic writings such as the book of Enoch and the gospels of Judas.

Having shaven (not that it mattered, it would be back when he work up next.), dressed in younger clothes and tied his hair. He knocked on the door hoping the professor was there. Being reclusive since coming back, he was there.

He opened the door an inch, the security chain still locking the door. "Who are you?" He asked suspicious of the man's identity.

"Hello professor, or should I call you doctor now?"

The old man nodded, saying "Isaac is fine. What can I do for you kid?"

"You probably don't remember me, I was always in the back. I just felt bad, not having properly said farewell, since you were such a huge inspiration to me. I mean I used to think history and religion was boring but you showed me it wasn't and now I'm hooked, It's a new passion of me, you know." He spoke, very fast.

"I see..." he said, taking in the avalanche of words and trying to register it.

"It's cold here" The vampire said, faking a shiver "Mind if we speak inside?"

"Eh... sure..." He said still somewhat dazed by Vincent’s fast talk.

He unlocked the door without thinking and Vincent came inside. They both sat in the living room where the teacher poured coffee from a pot that he had already there for both of them which Vincent pretended to sip.

"Is that the book you are presently working on?" He asked, motioning at the leather tome with aged pages that rested closed on the coffee table.

"Ah yes. It's a very interesting piece. I am still in the process of translating it."
Vincent looked at it more closely it read Ημερες Πυρος

"Burning of time?" He commented aloud.

"Ah, it's rare young people these days to know the old scholarly tongues."

"I only speak a tad bit of it." The vampire admitted. which was true, he had often needed to spend laborious amount of time translating texts from dead tongues word by word with a dictionary, a stack of paper and a pen.

"It can be translated as such. It speaks of the creation of the world by angels. It is quite particular as it speak by a feminine perspective and describe god as a woman..."
"Interesting. Speaking of angels couldn't one be responsible for the mountain lights? I mean it isn’t just light, it killed some guy."

"An Angel of the lord would never do such a thing son."

"What about the other angels, the back winged ones?"

"You mean the fallen angels? I guess that they perhaps could do it, but these are myths. If angels and demons exist, I believe they would have better to do than attack a teenager. God bless his soul." he said, whispering the last part.

"What do you think it was?"

"A natural phenomenon. They spoke of plasma coursing through the mountain a while back. Whatever it is, I doubt it involve the supernatural, I am a man of logic myself."
"But Plasma wouldn't have left the girl alive, wouldn't it?"

"Maybe... I admit not being familiar with it's working... Say, which of my lectures was your favorite, son?"

"Busted" Vincent thought

"The one about Christianity..." he said hesitantly.

"Which one of them?"

"When you spoke of the... thing in the mountains."

"Get. Out. Of. My. House. Now!" The professor screamed, pointing the door.

The fake student took the clue, very motivated to not spend his night in a cell until morning where he would be roasting to a crisp, which would have also broken the masquerade... He hopped in his car and drove away without losing a second.

The End

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