Case II - Part 2Mature

He arrived on a grim Sunday. There was only two hours left until dawn, outside, the clouds had retaken the skies and their thickness let only a sliver of light through. promissing a cold week ahead and rain. As usual he ran his routine, get a motel, set up headquarter, arsenal and shelter against the sun.

He sighed loudly as he went to sleep, on a sleeping bag he kept in the truck, and groaned "Out of packs... I'll have to find food tommorow...  He nodded off, falling into the dreamless state of unconsciousness vampires surrended to in the night.

He woke up at sunset, stirring up painfully from torpor, his muscles as still as a corpse. Literally.

From what he knew, the survivor, a girl named Katherine, lodged at a college dorm's room but had been spending vacations with her boyfriend between sessions. He didn't face any problem finding her, simply hacking into her facebook again, an actually simple task that a monkey could have done.

It was at the boyfriend's appartment that Vincent found her, dressed in a suit and tie, he knocked on the door. After a minute, a tired looking blonde opened the door. She didn't have make-up on to conceal her mental and physical state. Her long blond hair formed a messy mop. She looked pale, sick, and thin as a stick.

"Miss Meyers?" He asked, trying to be more friendly than autoritarian.

"Can I help you Mr. ?" the girl responded in a voice that matched her health.

"I'm special agent Anderson, FBI. Would you mind if I ask you a few questions?"

"Su-Sure..." she meekly answeared.

The girl took him onto the house's living room, without a word, she slumped back onto the couch, wrapping herself in a blanket as she did. She was shiverring and dozing off into the distance, looking away from Vincent.

"Miss. I have to ask you, what did happen on the night Jake Edwards died?"

"I don't know..." She began, her voice already sobbing, and her eyes growing teary. "We were just camping, when we saw the lights... Jacob... He... got curious and dragged me there. We walked strait into the light. It felt so... Warm... so tender... but when I looked back to him... He... wasn't anymore... it was just"

She sobbed deeply and the agent took her hand in his, trying to be as comforting as possible. Without her noticing, he let a small bit of his blood pour out of his skin, which arranged itself into a sigil on the back of his hand. Dark flames danced upon it as the blood magic took effect, sending a warm and relaxing feeling to the girl

While he remained calm, innerly his beast snarled, unhappy to be losing a good part of the small quantity of blood left in the vampire's stomach. Altought he was only a novice when wielding it, the House Enoch's blood magic was powerful.

"How can that happen?" She implored for an answer "With did it do that to him, and why did it not so anything to me?"

"That's what I'm here for, I've been tasked to investigate the cause of your accident."

He spent over an hour there, chatting with her, trying to be as reassuring as possible. As he left she gave him a faint smile and hugged him spontaneously. "Thank you officer." She whispered while she held to him.

"It.. it's no no-nothing." He babbled, trying to fight the beast's envy and his overwhelming desire to break out. He had never managed to stand body contact for long, with some exceptions of course.

Once again he took out the note pad, adding some details he now knew.

He tracked down a few other people that might bring some insight.

Recently a colledge proffesor had retired, opting to stay home and work on his book. It seemed he had a thing for gnosticism and was a history doctor and had a master in Theology. He had come back to town two weeks before the boom of light sighting had started.

Next up was an Indian shaman, that specialised in conjuring the spirits of the dead, he even had a brochure in the local journal. He didn't have dirt on him, but he was still capable of summoning hell. The lights had also been rumored to be the ghosts of ancient native warriors, lost souls trying to find their way home.

Third lead was the spirit. Itjust happened that Katherine's father had died the previous year, and apparently he wasn't fond of her choice of boyfriend. Brown mountain could have had enought energy to power him up and it would explain why his baby girl hadn't been hurt.

The End

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