Case II: The days of fireMature

"Come on honey!" The man shouted to his girlfriend

"Jake..." She said between two panting "Slow down please."

"We're nearly there, sweetie."

It was only an half  hour later that they reached the campsite Jake had promised. Hidden amongst a sea of trees was a small clearing, large enough for an RV to park there. On the far side, a small stream flowed down tiny waterfalls, the low sound of it filled the air.

It was a warm night on brown mountain. Even though it was late September, the Indian summer had rolled in, leaving a last moment of warmth before the abysmal cold of winter.

The two of them had eloped their homes for the weekend, eager to pass sometime together all alone, in private. That night, they worked together to build their love nest, they made a fire and ate campfire charred food, it wasn't a perfect evening but they didn't care. Under the moonlight, they made love like it was their first time.  They were young and healthy, they had all the time in the world to find each others, to explore and experiment their love.

She was in bed with him when she saw it, a bright flare of light on the mountain. Next to her, Jake slept oblivious to the phenomenon
"Jake." She spoke as she shook him out of Morpheus' embrace.

"What is it?" he asked her in a sleep induced tone. Barely opening his eyes.

"The lights. They're here, check it out." She said pointing outside

Both of them left the nominal safety of their tent. A several hundred yards away the famed ghost lights ran alongside the mountain. Illuminating the campground in a pure white light, that gave an otherworldly feeling to the surounding areas.

"Let's check it out" the man said.

So they ran after the lights. Moving slowly across a mountain trail. Holding his girl by the hand, Jake closed in on the light, eventually entering the luminous aura.

Alien feelings invaded them and they let go of each other's hands in the mist of it, Katherine felt it pass all through her body, infusing her with a warm, fuzzy feeling. She shivered as the sensation grew stronger and stronger, transforming into a truly intimate experience...

After a moment of pure ecstasy, the light vanished, recalled to where ever it had been called from, and she stood there, still aroused by the light's power "That was... Just... Wow..." She spoke between two sharp breaths .

"Honey?" She asked worriedly.

She opened her eyes and looked at her boyfriend. The light had been so good yet her love laid on the floor, very little left of him, where a minute ago was a man in the force of age, now all that remained were charred bones and ashes... Which flew away into the wind.

She collapsed and her scream all but shook the mountain, halfway between horror and despair.


"So you're saying this guy just got vaporized live in front of his girlfriend?" Vincent asked.

"Uh-hum." The man on the other side of the phone replied.

"Where did it happen?"

"Brown mountain. Girl said the lights killed him. Yet she lived"

"Impossible." Vincent muttered to himself. He had already investigated brown mountain along time ago. The lights he had discovered were balls of plasma formed by the mountain's
particular geography. It could have killed the guy sure, but it wouldn't have affected the girl nicely as she reported... Plasma burned at 25 thousands Celcius degree that wasn't something people could just walk out of... (45 thousand in F)

There was only one conclusion; Something new had arrived on the ridge of Brown Mountain and he had to investigate. North Carolina was a good two days drive from his position. So he began driving immediatly,

"Alright. I'll go check it out. Bossman Out."

"Vigilant out. ...Dweeb." The guy called, obviously finding the codename thing annoying.

When he reached his car, he took out the note pad he alway kept in the glove compartment. Using his jacket's pen he wrote down a few notes. He noted the word Will-o-the-wisp but then crossed it out. It wasn't one,

"No... Wisps can't hurt people directly. They lure them into traps." He repeated to himself.

He first wrote down concrete informations he had.
It was a ball of light, It had attacked the boy yet left the girl alive, even doing the opposite of harming her and it could just fly off...

For several minutes, he juggled ideas in his head until a few more A few more hypothesis made it onto the list.
-Vengeful Spirits that had something against the boy.
-Natural (More or less) phenomenon. Provoked by something.
-A summoner or shaman.

In conclusion it was doubtful to be someone new that moved there that just happened to be identical to the ghost lights of the mountain... So something had either risen up or had been called. What eldritch horror could possibly slumber underneat the mountain?

The End

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