Case I - Epilogue (5 of 5)Mature

"So, you two are leaving?"

Vincent and the two, now reunited, lovers sat in a both at the local deli eating sandwiches while Vincent drank from a mysterious thermos he had brought with him. The kids’ bus was going to pass at 11 to bring them to Kansas city. Vincent was done with the job and would've normally left but it was important that he saw the kids to safety.

"Yeah. The shuttle bus should be there any minutes now." The man declared

"You guys have a place to stay?"

"My grand mother's place. She lives there." Nathan confirmed.

Outside, snow fell softly. It might have been june, but angry gods weren't nice when they played with the weather.

"I can't guarantee your safety once you leave." As he spoke, Vincent fetched a small gift box from his jacket. "Keep this. Just in case."

"Isn't there a way for us to repay you?" demanded Cindy.

"Not really. Just focus on living your life, normally."

"What if they come back for us?" said the boy.

"You run or you waste them."

"What about our parents?" Cindy asked.

"People already think you're dead. It's a good opportunity to disappear. I know you probably love them. But if you maintain contact, they will also live under siege. We might have won the battle, but The eater of dung still has many followers."

Out of another pocket, he took out a pair of small bone amulets. "Wear these, night and day. They will conceal you from any attempt at scrying."

Just outside the Deli, the bus parked onto it's stop. Just as the teens prepared to leave, Vincent slipped both of them a small business card on which a phone number had been written.

It read as follow;

     -Troubleshooter, Investigator
Occultist, Exorcist, Hunter, Detective.
     Conjure me at your own risks.
    For the truth can drive you mad.


So ends the first case of the series. The goal is for me to try writing different stories and styles from time to time. The Case files' mood will probably change wildly, going from humor, to dark and to surreal.

Word count on this story:  3835

The End

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