Case I - (Part 4 of 5)Mature

The place was right where the Deputy had claimed. niche between two rocky ridge and behind a waterfall. The sanctuary smelled of burning pitch and the metallic smell of blood. A few torches lit the way down onto a natural cavern where stairs had been carved.

"Are you sure you want to come?" Asked the fanged one as he changed from his bureau suit to his combat gears.

"No way in hell I'm leaving Cin behind man." Replied the muscle-bound teenager.

"You're pretty attached to her, but she's your Ex..."

"Look mate, we only broke up 'cause she didn't want to leave this place. I wanted her away from these freaks man."

Vincent nodded quietly as he took things out of the Car's trunk, he tossed a 12gauge shotgun at the teen along with more shells and a machete. "Be careful then."

They sneaked further down the cave. The tunnel gave away into a large cavern, probably 50 by 50 yards. At the center of which was a large stone altar lodged within a circle of gold. On the opposing wall to the exit was a massive stone statue of a woman giving birth while crouched.

"Tlazolteotl..." Vincent muttered

"Who?" The teen whispered

"The eater of dung, the Aztec goddess of filth and shame."


On the altar, the woman had waken up. She screamed out in fear and anger.

"Cindy!" Nathan had almost yelled but was topped by Vincent’s hand over his mouth.

"Shut up..."

There were two dozen of these men and women. Most of which surrounded the circle, chanting what was either the Aztec language or glossolalia. In one of the corner was a pen, inside were several more people chained together, the would-be future sacrifices.
At the center of it all, brandishing an obsidian knife was the high priest, dressed extravagantly with pelts and feathers. His voice echoed all through the caverns as he spoke to his goddess in a language neither of the intruders understood.

Abruptly, he stopped the chant and swung the dagger down at the girl's sternum. As the tip pierced the skin, a loud bang resonated through the cavern. A single gunshot was enough the ruin the ceremony as the ritual dagger shattered into fragments.
Not one to miss a grand entrance, Vincent slid down the depression to the center of the ritual area. All while dual-wielding Uzi... The guns roared with fiery death, feeding lead to the nearest cultists.

"Jaguar warriors! Seize this man!" Yelled the high priest, in English that time.
Two bulky men that had been standing aside rushed in, their eyes ebon black, but filled with anger and hunger.

Silent tension passed between the warriors and the vampire... Both were judging the other's strength and abilities. Vincent was surrounded, ammunition empty and his blood pool was nearly empty... He hadn't gotten more than a few gulps worth of blood from the girl and he had been using it like crazy all day and evening.

The moment of calm before the storm went away and soon both warriors were charging at Vincent, running like animals, maquahuitl in hand. They men roared in fury at each other.
There was no way he would defeat them in this situation. So he did the only thing he could. He surrendered...

Not to the men. But to the beast inside of him. The vampire's eyes changed and so did the rest of his body. The dull gray eyes gave away into glowing scarlet featureless eyes. His body contorted and twisted, becoming more animal like.

Where a man had stood, there was now a seven feet tall abomination, half-man half-bat. A blasphemous horror that was the twisted incarnation of the beast inside the vampire's mind.
With a swipe of it's claw, it ripped the throats of the jaguars, sending their head into the air as claws cut their bones and flesh like a hot knife through butter. As they hit the ground, their blood flowed out and floated up. Streams of blood nourished the monster, going strait to it's stomach.

The bloodshed went on, every man and woman was ripped to pieces. Under the claws and fangs of the beast that Vincent had set loose. When nothing but apple sized chunks of people remained, the creature howled in grief, suffering and anger. Slowly, it reverted back to it's humanoid shape, leaving a ghastly looking Vincent behind.

Hunger burned in his eyes as he jumped the nearest victim for it's blood. Still bound, Cindy debated trying to get him off her. It was only when the stock of Nathan's shotgun hit him across the temple that he let go of her.

"Leave her alone!" The teen ordered. using his left hand, he sliced his wrist with the blade he had been given by Vincent. "Take this." he said, giving him his bleeding arm.
Carefully, the  frenzied vampire approached him. His lips wrapped around the cut and he began drinking forcefully. Both were caught in the embrace of the kiss. The vampire drank until the man stumbled down.

Vincent blinked his eyes, only now coming to his senses. After a quick inspection, he was sure the kid would live through it. Next to him, still screaming was Cindy. Using his pistol, he simply blew off the chains bidding her.

"Are you--" Began the vampire, just as he received a face full of knuckles. "Hey! that was... …Okay, I deserved it..."

"How is he?" She asked

"He'll pull through."

Using the kid's machete, he slit a tiny cuts upon his finger. letting five drops of blood fall into the kid's mouth.

"What are you doing?" Asked Cindy

"Vampire blood will help him heal. I took a lot of his own blood. With this, he won't need hospitalization. Give him two weeks and he'll be fine."

She went down onto her knee and cried.
"Poor girl" Vincent commented.

The End

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