Case I - (Part 3/5)Mature

The second suspect had been arrested by the police several days earlier. He was still up for questioning. Despite being late, the sheriff's office was still open.

"Good evening Mr. Sanchez." Commented the vampire, reading the officer's name plaque.
"Can I help you sir?" He asked.

"Special agent Anderson, FBI" Vincent revealed, showing him his badge.

"How can I help you agent?"

"You have a suspect in detention, I need to speak with him."

"But at this hour... You should come back tomorrow."

"I can't wait. It's important."

"But--" began the Spanish man, before being cut off.

"Do I need to call my superiors so you may get a word with them?"

"No sir... He's in the back. Fifth door."

Curled up on the mat in the only cell was Nathan Vargas, Cindy's ex. He wasn't asleep and he stared at the newcomer. "Who the heck are you?" He asked.

"Special agent Anderson, FBI."

"FBI? You're not with these loons, dude?"

"You mean the sheriff's office?"

"Yeah, these guys ain't real. Real psycho stuff  man."

"Why did you come back to town then?"

"They made me do it. got a letter. Said they were gonna hurt my 'Ma and 'Pa if I didn't show up with cash. Turns out it was a bait man"

"You speak like there's some kind of conspiracy at work here."

"Totally is, man. Dude look at the town, we've like in the middle of shotgun totting U.S.A and there's so much of the damn wetbacks."

Foul language and poor grammar aside, he did make a point. The town bursted with Latin-American people. And not just workers but important people and land owners...

"Why did they kidnap Cindy? it doesn't make sense. "

"Did'ja look at the date man, it's 21st, the solstice and stuff. I heard them talk about some creepy cult things and that's why that got me locked up."

The cell door didn't prove to be much of a challenge to open to Vincent. But as both tried to sneak out, three tall and imposing figures blocked their path. The Sheriff and his deputies with guns out, pointing them at the suspects...

"Where do you think you're going?" the lead man asked.

"Well... I was just going to leave but then I decided to..." Vincent didn't finish his sentence, just using the time he spoke to kick away the sheriff's shotgun.

"Get cover kid" Yelled the vampire.

Out of his jacket, he produced a pair of automatic pistols with as extended magazines. Both parties shot at each others, Vincent receiving a few bullets on the torso, where his body armor protected him. But that didn't mean the hit did not hurt.

With a quick three round burst, He one of the sheriff's goon right in the head, sending bits of brains and bones showering everywhere.

Both of them behind cover, the teams took time to reload and waited. Waited for the right timing to pop out. Somewhere around a minute passed until a loud crunching and ripping noise broke the silence.

That's when Vincent and the boy saw it, the sheriff, all bloodied up, riping his dead deputy's
thorax and took the heart out, which he then devoured...

"What the hell is going on?" Nathan yelled.

When the kid turned around to find him, he couldn't see him. Unbeknownst to him, Vincent had dashed in. Wielding a pistol in each hand. The room was then filled with the howling of gunshots as both his guns emptied their clip at the sheriff.

Bullets sank into him, but it didn't seem to affect him. His eyes had gone pitch black, filled with malevolent intents. "Great... Invulnerable cannibalistic cultists... My day is so much better now..." Claimed Vincent out loud

He hadn't brought any heavier weapon with him. Pistols were up to no good, and he didn't have any melee weapon. "It was time to use that..." he spoke to himself aloud

Mentally, he commanded his heart to beat, pumping blood from his repurposed digestive system. He sent it all to his hands,  like he would do to heal wounds. But he wasn't healing he was creating. With blood, he shaped his fingers into claws made of carbon.

Both the vampire and the cultist charged each others, walking on all four, claws ready to rip the other to shreds. The sheriff held the advantage, he was taller, more muscular and broader than Vincent. He would crush him in an instant with all his strength.

What he hadn't expected was for his opponent to roll sideway, burying his claws right into the Latino's right leg. Even in life, Vincent had never been good at hand to hand fighting. He was an acrobat, not a brawler. Which was why he focused on movements and dexterity rather than mass and strength.

The black eyed man fell down harshly, ramming into several desks. Without a second glance, the vampire was upon him, tearing away the man's flesh like a beast.

Inside of the Vampire's head a fight had begun. He knew he had to get out of there, stop whatever they were trying to accomplish. But the other side of him reveled in the gore and carnage.

When it was over, very little remained of the late sheriff. From head to toe, Vincent was covered in gore, but what was truly disturbing was the contented smile on his lips.

The last man standing tried to bail out, but with preternatural speed, the vampire rammed him into the wall. Before his foe could get up, he sank the claws of his hands right into the thigh muscle.

"Speak now. Or I'll give you the same treatment as the sheriff." he announced to the man, glee in his voice, fire burning in his now crimson eyes.

Without any hesitation, the deputy bellowed the girl's position, pleading for his life.

The End

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