Case I - (Part 2/5)Mature

The crashed Honda of the missing girl had yet to be removed. It's carcass was still there rammed up a tree on the highway's side. Yellow tape formed a circle around it, to keep out civies. At that time of the night, nobody stood watch. Getting what he needed was going to be easy.

Vincent searched the car meticulously, combing his way through empty bottles, cans and miscellaneous garbage. As he patted the inside of the driver's seat, something fell down; a red velvet back, inside of which was some Voodoo mojo.

"Looks like we've got a teenage witch on our hands." He muttered to himself.

It was a cold night, even though it was now in the middle of June, the cold was unwilling to go away. Megan rolled around in her sleep, she wished she had something or someone to warm her up. The breeze that came in made her shiver as she woke up.
"The breeze..." she thought to herself

Her eyes opened quickly displaying surprise,  she had closed and locked the window. Now it was open, the blinds flowing with the wind. She wasn’t the prettiest girl in town, she sported lots of freckles and was a bit overweight.

She tried to get up but a pair of arms grabbed her, one muffling her mouth the other pointing something long and barrel shaped at her side. She tried to scream but her wouldn't let her.
"Keep calm" Said the assailant "If you promise not to scream I'll let you go. I just need answers."

The girl gave him a frightened nod and he did as promised.

"What happened to Cindy McArthur?"

"I don't know what you're talking about man."

The man took a few things out of his pocket, notably her book of shadow, her pentacle and athame. "Recognize this?"

"I... I..."

"Don't deny it. I don't care what you are. What I do care is the girl. What did you do to her?"

Although he spoke casually, he expected resistance to come. For a guilty witch to try to hide her crimes by killing those involved. But instead of fighting, the girl just fell to her knees and began sobbing.

"I... I didn't want it... *Sniff* I just wanted her to break a leg. I wanted... *Sniff* be picked up by the cheerleading squad... it was me or her..."

"Is that all?" The vampire asked

"I swear... Pl-please... Please don't kill me."

"She seemed honest, or she was one hell of an actress" Thought Vincent.

"There's a way I can make sure if I trust you or not."

"What is it?" She meekly asked

"Your blood. It carries your memories and feelings,  in it."

"Does that mean... You're a vampire?"

The Man nodded to her. "I can tell you this. It doesn't hurt and no, you won't be transforming into a Fangster. Also, don't spread the word or I turn nasty."

"How... do we... eh..." There was a lot of awkwardness in her tone. She was a 15 years old teen that was just lonely.

Vincent took a step forward and took her in his arm. He whispered quiet words to her ear. After she calmed down a bit, he descended to her throat. His fangs descended and pierced the girl's skin, letting warm, sweet blood out.

She didn't scream, as her whole body was engulfed in the rapturing ecstasy of the vampiric kiss. It was something that was very personal, intimate even.

"Sixteen, fifteen, fourteen, thirteen..." counted Vincent in his mind. Exsanguinations were pleasurable to both side, to the vampire, it felt like the best sex ever, the greatest high possible and the finest dishes on the face of the earth rolled into one amazing drink but taking too much would kill her.

As he drank small bits of her blood, he was overwhelmed by her feelings, her recent memories. It took a moment until he arrived to the point he needed. She hadn't lied. The disappearance wasn't her fault...

As he got the confirmation, he broke off the contact. The beast within him hungered for more but he wasn't going to risk the life of that girl who had now lost conscience. He tucked her back into her bed and left by the window, closing it behind him.

The End

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