Marisa loosened the ties at her throat that held up her nightshirt, a restless glow in her green eyes. “But I don’t understand. How have you survived? Did you truly never feel this unbearable thirst? It’s almost maddening!”

“I don’t know how I have survived, my love. I suppose I was half-hoping I would starve. And in my blackest hour, after my mother’s death, I tried to kill myself, by jumping off a cliff. But it appears our kind is not meant to die.”

Marisa sat upright on the bed and played with my hands, turning them over as she studied the striking pallor of my skin, the raised veins at the wrist.

“I saw things, when I was drinking from you,” she said softly, still looking down at my hands.

I tipped her chin up with a finger. “What did you see, Marisa?”

“I saw you as a child – how dark you were then, Lucas! You were swimming in incredibly blue waters with your brothers at your side, as swift as fish, darting in and out of the waves … I saw a beautiful woman that had your same eyes, and I saw the love that burned in those eyes …”

“That was my mother you saw.”

“I had an idea it might be her. But Lucas, I didn’t see anything after that. Everything went black, and then you were pushing me away.”

I pulled her close to me now. “I hope I did not hurt you in doing so, little one. But I was afraid you were going to drain me dry.”

She spoke against my chest, her words muffled. “It is I who should be apologizing. But Lucas, why am I still so hungry?”

The End

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