Coming to TermsMature

“That night I had fitful dreams. In my dreams the dark figure kept moving closer and closer but my feet were somehow glued to the ground, not letting me move. I could only wait and watch as the dark figure moved ever closer to me.”

“I woke up in the middle of the night and decided I would take a walk outside to clear my head. Once outside, I came face to face with the dark figure. This time, he was close enough for me to see him. He was small of build and preternaturally pale, with horrible black eyes that stared right through me. Before I could even scream for help, he pulled me over his shoulder and ran away with me slung over his back like I was weightless, despite the fact that I was much taller than him.

“I blacked out, reawakening in a cave. When I opened my eyes, the man was leaning over me, speaking to me. But I couldn’t understand his language. Then I felt his teeth everywhere, piercing me, killing me.

“Only I didn’t die. Not completely. When I awoke again he was gone and I was already changed.”

“I know, somehow, that I didn’t drink from him. The change could not have happened that way. When I awoke, the cave floor and walls were splattered with a copious amount of blood, too much to be mine alone. I had thin scars all over my body from where he had punctured my skin with his sharp teeth but even as I watched, the scars began to heal until they disappeared completely.

“That was the first clue that there was something really wrong with me.

“And then my body was suddenly racked with intense pains, pains I had never experienced before in my life. I know now that this was just part of the change, my new blood mixing with my old blood, my body becoming what it is today. But at the time I truly thought that I was dying.

“To my great and utter surprise, I did not die. But looking down at my suddenly pale skin, which was once so tan from the sun, I knew that I had changed. In a very real way, my way of living had died. I could not return to the old ways.

“That was the day I learned to say good-bye.”

The End

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