Unholy CommunionMature

I pulled my lips back and held my wrist against my teeth so that I could feel the incisors pricking the thin skin. Then I pushed my teeth into the flesh until they broke through, until my blood was pouring out in a cold stream. I tilted Marisa’s head back on my arm and let the blood pour into her half-open mouth.

At first she didn’t respond. I worried it was too late. Frantically, I put my wrist right up to her mouth, silently willing her to drink, to awaken, to live.

And then Marisa’s eyes flashed open with such fierce intensity that I was shocked despite myself. She yanked my wrist to her mouth hard, drinking me in. I felt the sharp pull of her thirst, the intense thirst that all fledgling drinkers are born with. The thirst that I was somehow able to resist for so long.

“Drink, my beloved, drink.” I urged her with my soft voice, with my eyes. Then the pull of her thirst suddenly became a pain, racking my body and threatening to tear me apart.

“Let go, Marisa!”

But she didn’t or wouldn’t listen.

The whole world started to turn red. I could feel my veins becoming dessicated, drying out. For the first time since I’d been changed, I thirsted uncontrollably for blood.

Unthinking, beyond any shred of humanity I had left, I pulled Marisa off of me. She felt stronger now, somehow more resistant.

I slammed her hard against my chest and drew her neck level with my mouth. Then I sank my teeth into her fragrant skin.

The End

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