After a moment of painful deliberation, she took one step forward then stopped. “Is it your first time, too, Lucas?” She whispered, lowering her head so that I could not read her eyes.

I stood up then, but very gently so as to not scare her. I was at her side in a moment, stroking her hair. “Would you believe me if I told you that this is my first time?”

Marisa tilted her head up to look into my eyes and I felt her shudder. I gingerly placed my arms around her waist.

I knew my own strength – I knew how fragile she was. Being what I was, I could not be with her in the way that she meant. Not yet. Not until she was like me, too. I could crush her so very easily now. I could not risk losing her so soon.

I also knew my own temptation, I knew too well the lust I had forsaken for centuries. I had not given in to my temptation since the change, though I had felt stirrings of it from time to time, normally when I was unusually close to human beings.

Just as I was close to Marisa now.

I buried my head in her glorious hair and breathed deeply in the faint fragrance she exuded. I decided that if I took small steps it would be fine. I could control myself. It was safest this way.

I slowly pushed my face through the thick mass of her curls until my nose was resting at the side of her neck. Until I could hear the pulse of her blood.

That was my first mistake.

The End

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