The Winding StairMature

Marisa was the first to leave the banquet. After bidding adieu to the guests, she came up and stood on tip-toe and whispered in my ear: “I am going to our bed chamber, husband. I will be waiting for you there.”

I thrilled at that word, husband. I nodded at her and inhaled sharply, knowing that soon I would be alone with this beauteous woman.

I hoped that she would be able to handle the truth. When I chose her, I was banking on her intelligence, on her resourcefulness. I knew that I was not offering her a gift. This wasn’t a prize, immortality – it was a burden, but one that I longed to share with another. I had a feeling that Marisa would prove to be a worthy companion.

But she was so young, only 16. Did I wait long enough? What if she refused me? Perhaps in a few more years… I could surely keep up the pretense until then.

But she was shrewd, she would surely guess my true nature within time…

These were my thoughts as I bid farewell to my guests and climbed the winding stair to our bed chamber.

The End

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