Courting the Venrak'aMature

The huge double doors flung open easily, crashing hard against the surrounding black, polished walls of the vast alien council room.  Smooth hinges here too, he noted.  So far, the "magic" of alien engineering had made up for his own shortcomings as Mage.  A small blessing.

He approached the alien dias, studying each of the three Venrak'a council members as he approached, scanning for any indications of roles, hierachy, or vested interests.  They gave nothing away: each member was garbed simply, with only organic variations of their height, shape, and features to distinguish one from another.

The leftmost figure spoke first. "Venrak'a high council member Paahaf'ir.  On behalf of our people, our council, Earth's Seventh Mage, I bid you welcome."

JD didn't quite catch the name, but decided to wing it.  He answered as quickly and composedly as he could, adding a little more command and auspiciousness to his words, as would befit a Mage of his immense power.

"I thank you Palifir.  I in turn, and the people of Earth, bid you welcome, Vanrak'a Council."

The council members glanced at each other, all taking on an alien expression that was unrecognisable to his human eyes.  Then, each one shrank back in their seat, almost simultaneously.

God, I mangled his name. Not a good start, JD thought.

The End

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