The murder scene revisitedMature

Detective John White has been in the homicide division for over 15 years now. He never dreamed of doing anything else his entire life. In fact, the good detective has been involved in homicide long before his career as a detective started...

"Time of death is around 23:00.Cause of death strangulation. She's been sexually assaulted, it appears as though she was placed in this position. Like an exhibition." The crime scene investigator makes way for Detective White to have a closer look at the victim. A beautiful 20-something woman with long black hair and milky white skin. She's the kind of girl that turned wherever she went. As he kneels to get a closer look at the tragic sight of this murdered girl, he no longer has to put on the fake facade of disgust that the murder of this innocent beauty.

Instead, his expression changes to eerie delight, as if to say "Hello again, my princess." That's what he calls them. His "princesses". The young women he would stalk for days, weeks before he lures them in and takes them away. He goes through the motions and asks the routine questions so as to keep up the facade. This will be yet another unsolved murder as detective White is a thorough man. He has been at this for years now. This is his twenty-third victim and he has found his stride. He know what he needs to do to stay at least two steps ahead of the police force. The same force that presented him with a plaque for "fifteen years of exemplary service". 

It takes a calculated and ballsy individual to join the police force to solve murders whose only pleasure in life is to commit murder himself. He's seen enough of the murder scene and tells the crime scene investigators to gather all the evidence they can. As if doing that will do them any good. He knows it won't but hey, he has a mask to wear and wear it he does well.

The End

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