The Amulet of Drakkanore

Prologue: Legends Foretold

An unworldly wind whined and whistled through the cold winter air. The deep, phony moonlight shone like a flashilight in pitch black surroundings, being the only sensible source of light.Flying in the center of the wintry gust was an old, brown pouch. But this was no ordinary pouch... for it contained within it a myth; a fable, a legend if you might. It contained power. Inhumane, supernatural, unearthly power. This power was held inside the diamond of the amulet. The myth was: the Amulet of Drakkanore. But did it actually exist? Folktale or reality? The stories told of the bloody history of this Amulet; what with the proceeding deaths that occured after trying to hold on to the Amulet for so long. According to legends, the Amulet's divine power could enable one to turn back time! But this legend of searching for the treasure was set in a time period long ago.

So why hadn't the people of the 21st Century gone looking for it?

Well actually, they did. But they made it so complicated! They overlooked what was as plain and simple as the nose on your face! But maybe it didn't really exist. Maybe it did. But that remained only an enigma. No one I knew had uncovered the answer to this inscrutable mystery.

The wind chill carried the pouch deep into a cave, then immediately subsided. It was inside the Labyrinth of Memory: which everyone had been too chicken to stroll into. Just kidding! The lone reason why no one had ever been there was simple. Don't overlook the answer! It was an unknown another world.

The End

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