It was night when she saw the walls of the monastery. It looked more like a fortress, with watchtowers and high stone walls. Leela stood before the heavy wooden doors, with more than 4 feet, and hit hard with her fist.

Soon, a small window opened, and a young woman appears, watching the outside.

- What are you doing here? This is not a inn! - Rude was the answer.

- My father sent me here, his name is Agnar. - Leela waited for a response and looked back, but no sign of his father or the persecutors.

The door opened slowly, and the old wood made a groan when dragged. Leela went through the wall and was greeted by a group of men and women dressed in togas. One of them helped her down from the mount, while others murmured among themselves. One, with shaved head, approached and saluted tilting the body.

- We waited you for so long. - Said the old monk.

- My father is in danger - Leela replied, still nervous - I need help.

- We already sent. Soon we'll hear from him. - The monk pointed to the entrance of a construction entirely covered by marble. Many torches illuminated the entry, but little could be seen of the external area, with the moon covered by dark clouds. - Come, we'll take care of you.

The End

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