The cold night called for a bonfire, but it would not be lighted to not draw attention. Agnar tied the horses and watched the sky. Luckily, no sign of rain. They were far away from the road and hoped that could have foiled the pursuers. Even trying to stay awake as lookout, he was overthrown by the fatigue of the journey.

The next morning were packing the bags and provisions, when Leela saw in the distance an object moving among the trees.

- Father - the girl whispered, pointing backwards - What is that?

The market looked toward and squinted. Three men were following his trail, something that could only be done during the day. At the same time one of the men pointed in the girl direction. They had been found.

- Get on the horse, quickly! - Agnar drew a long bow from the saddle and prepared an arrow. - Go.

- I will not leave you here alone! - Leela, reluctantly and looked at the dagger at her waist.

But she could not fight. His father was also a good hunter, and learned to use the bow in order to survive during long trips.

- Do not stop until you reach the monastery - Agnar hit one of the men as they said goodbye.

- I'll be waiting for you! - Leela whipped the horse and cried. The last thing she saw was your father throwing the bow aside and drawing the sword.

The End

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