The burial took place that afternoon, but Leela was not there. Had fainted, and only woke up the next day, wondering at the messy house as if everything had been moved from place. There were boxes and bags and her father moved in and out of the door, arranging everything in a cart on the outside. Realizing she was awake, he smiled and said:

- You must leave, here is not safe for you. The news will spread and soon someone will come looking for you.

The cabin was sold to a wealthy landowner in the region. Agnar, the only heir, could not take care of the land while continuing his work as a merchant.

- Can I go with you, help you with sales and assist in your travels. - Leela said, unaware that his father already had other plans for her.

- It's not safe. It's not the right thing to do. I have to tell the truth about your grandmother, about your family.

The girl sat on a fallen log.

- This is not the first time that this occurred. While still a child...

- I remember. - Interrupted Leela - Nilah's necklace fell into the river and I ran to catch. The amulet shone in my hands, but she quickly took it. She said it was the sunshine and never brought it up or let me get close. After that day she always wore the necklace underneath clothing.

- When I met your mother, Leela, your grandmother said I should just bring her home. She said I should do a test, or would not approve our union. I was so angry about that, but I took your mother to lunch at our house. I was determined to escape if Nilah did not agree. - Agnar continued - It was a strange encounter. Nilah held his hand up your mother and put her amulet on it. He waited a few seconds and nothing happened. With a sigh of relief his grandmother said "be welcome" and not mention it anymore. Until the day of your birth.

They climbed the horses and began the journey to north. A third horse was pulling the wagon with a tent and supplies for the trip. After two days of travel, Leela broke the silence:

- I know where you are taking me to.  Will you leave me in a monastery? - The girl was not very happy with the path his life was taking.

Without bothering with complaints, his father continued:

- When you were born Nilah said that there a day will come when your fate could not be guided by a father or mother. When that day come, we should take you to the monastery in the north. There you will find your way.

- So you do not even know why it's taking me there? You are doing this because do not want me messing up your life or because Grandma did not trusted you to look after me - responded aggressively to the story of the father.

- You are everything to me. I can not know for sure what is best for you, but I can not leave you here. Moreover, we are being followed since leaving the farm. We should quicken our pace.

Looking back, Leela saw nothing. Thought to be more of an excuse of her father, but knows he was not lying. Furthermore, he was an experienced merchant and had lived for years on the roads. Then galloped out and ran into the woods, leaving the main trail.

The End

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