The heavy air could be felt by anyone who entered the hut. They came from afar to make one last visit to Nilah, an old healer and midwife whose hands brought many gifts to this world.

But the  healer's days were coming to an end. Realizing that the breath of life was about to leave her body she tried to express a last wish, but the only word that could be heard was: "Leela". People looked at each other and one of them said: "I will call her".

Leela was sitting under an almond tree. She was looking ants coming and going from the base of a tree, carrying small white objects. But his mind was steeped in sadness, because she knew that someone who had so much affection was about to leave.

- Daughter - shouted his father - you must come now. Your grandmother called by your name.

With 17 winters, she was no longer a girl. But this time she felt as if had lived only 5. Helpless, weak. Nothing could she do to help. Just reluctant to get up from the grass.

Leela was a young, skinny, but not much. The waist outlining his female body, which was covered by a white sleeveless dress with embroidered edges. She had small breasts, slender legs, and was not very high. Her eyes were brown, honey-colored, small mouth, thin lips and thin nose. She had pale skin, but tanned easily in the sun. It was both beautiful and shy, the merchant's daughter.

- She has no time - Agnar stammered, realizing that the sorrow dominated your daughter.

While walking the trail back to the cabin, looking around the place where she grew up and lived until then. It was a goodbye look. She was raised by the grandmother while her parents merchants traveled the world seeking spices in more distant cities.

Her father was a modest and honest man. Had steady hands and a light heart. As a marketer, used to convince anyone about any product or opinion. Except his wife and daughter, for whom and by whom he devoted all his life. Agnar saw the face of his dead wife designed on the face of the daughter, and loved  her even more. The girl became his happiness in life, and he was deeply saddened to see her so helpless.

They returned home. Leela realized that everyone watched her while her eyes adjusted to the dark hut. He sat beside the bed and held the wrinkled hand of Nilah. Painstakingly her grandmother raised her arm and pulled an amulet he used throughout his entire life. A crystal ball transparent with veins of dark purple color inside, with the size of a fingernail. She tried to rip the necklace but found no strength.

Agnar approached the bed and helped his mother by removing the collar and delivering it to the granddaughter who looked without much understanding. - She wants you to have this.

The girl hugged her grandmother and burst out crying. The woman who raised her as a daughter was about to depart. While crying whit eyes closed and leaning over the bed, a light violet fled his fist. The light grew more and amazed everyone in the cabin with magical glow that bounced from the amulet.

With the murmur, Leela looked up and was astonished too. He looked at her grandmother, but her eyes were already closed.

The End

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