Someone kidnapped Leela's beloved father. Now she must learn to use the power of a strange amulet to save his life.

After your grandmother passed away, Leela received an old amulet with a dark violet stone. Leaving her old farm, his father was took by a group of mans, looking after the artifact. Now she must discover the powers who lies within the darkness, in a world where the magic is sleeping, but ready to be awakened.

There is a restlessness inside each one of us. A spirit of adventure, which leads us into the unknown. A feeling that does not let us stand still and that is only satisfied with the excitement of something new, a challenge. What tests our limits, until we find out what we are capable of and where we have reached.

This anxiety is calmed by time and hid in our hearts. But some people are struck by something which changes the course of their lives in a way they never imagined.

This is the story of one such person who received the call to adventure. And had no choice but to go to until the end. This is the story of Leela.

The End

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