The AmuletMature

One silver amulet = power. Both good and evil want it, but who will get it in the end?

I have it. I have the amulet. A massive adrenaline rushes down my spine. The silver amulet glimmers in the light above me. Its beautiful, and its mine. Before going back up in the vent, I glance both ways. You can never be to sure what’s around you. I put it into my pouch making sure its safe. I’m safe. I grab the rope and throw myself into the vent.

“Yes” I whisper to myself. I can’t wait to get it back to the van. But I must get there, and quick. Amy’s there waiting, I can’t let her down. Footsteps sound below me making my heart skip a beat, but make me smile, knowing I’m in the clear.

“Shit!” someone yells below me.

“She must have been past here” another says below.

“Karen’s going to kill us, oh god!” one kicks the metal wall making the sound echo down the corridor.

“Ha” I whisper. I mustn’t move, or they might hear me. BANG! Something clatters near me. I look up, my phone. Its vibrating.

“What’s that?” they both ask below me. I grab it and shut it off.


“That might be her… get the alarm” the first says.

“Are you mad?”

“No, if it is, she cant get out that way”

“Shit!” I whisper again. There right. Suddenly, I army crawl as fast as I can. But the shutter before me closes. “Damn!” I’m dead. There going to bring the whole vent down. I must grab my gun. Feeling into my pockets I fumble around for my gun – the vent comes off the latches, and the whole thing comes down. “Ah!”

"Got her!” they yell and pull me out.


“Ow!” fighting for my life I jump to my feet onto the vent and face them, fists in the air. It’s Beth and Rachel, the strong ones.

“Don’t be stupid” Beth says in the voice, I hate that voice. So sarcastic and know it all, but that’s Beth. Rachel whacks the alarm, this time for the other guards.


“Scared now?”


“Bring it on then” Both shutters open and the guards race in. I reach for my gun, but before I can do anything I’m hauled to the ground on my front. The paralyser comes on my neck, and I fade away into my dream world.


The End

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