The Amazingly Awesome Adventures of Glitter Girl

The title says it all

 They whispered and they needent. Neveah knew they were talking about her. She already knew that she was going to live with her Aunt Shelley. Aunt Shelley had gotten on her knees and crowded Naveah  in her room this morning. She had bit her lip and told her things would be a little different but things wouldn't change much. Naveah just nodded. She wanted to be alone. Aunt Shelley nodded but then lingered and paced close to Naveah. Her mom would have. Her dad would have gotten his guitar and lead her to her drum set. They would play what they always played " Wipeout" by the Ventures.

There was no drum set at the church and no one would let her play with the piano. She was reduced to swinging her legs on the pew and peering up at the stainglass ceiling. When ever she asked about the ceiliing some shushed her. It wasn't fair they were allowed to talk why wasn't she?

So she sat suffering in silence and waited for her parents funeral to start. Inside she knew her aunt was wrong nothing was ever going to be the same....

The End

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