New Hardware

On the way in to the university on his bike, Jiggs passed by the appliance store.  He had been wrestling with the implications of this morning's realization.  He knew he would have to tell Professor Kavalioŭ, and in Outer Farbania the saying is, "It's easier to eat persimmons than to get forgiveness".  He had better have a handle on the price tag for replacing his treasured wringer washers with more up to date machines that could spin the water out.  After riding a couple blocks past the store, Jiggs looked for a safe spot to turn around, and then went back to the store.

The sales person was very happy to see him.  Anyone who would purchase Ḱ3249.95 worth of washing machines from him had a friend for life.  He shook Jiggs' hand warmly, gave him a big hug and asked about Beelzebeth.

"She's is fine, thanks, but... How do you know Beelzebeth?"

"My friend... from trading at the campus bookstore... of course!"

"Uh... OK... I have a problem.

"What is your problem my friend?  Do you need a new TV?  We have our most popular model on sale for only Ḱ849.99, price good only for today!   Or do you want a  new game console perhaps, on special today for just Ḱ1299.99"

Jiggs was momentarily distracted, wondering why all of the prices ended in Ḱ0.99... and what dealings this appliance salesman had at the campus bookstore.  Then he let it all out. "It seems that the washers I bought here are killing, or at least badly injuring the socks in our study.   I need to trade them in for washing machines that spin the water out."

"No problem, my friend... no problem at all."  The salesman had Ḱlupie signs dancing before his eyes.  "They're doing WHAT to socks?"  Then he caught himself.  "Oh, my dear friend... I'm so sorry.  You have my heartfelt condolences.  What are the arrangements?"

Jiggs suddenly realized that he needed to be careful not to give away too much information about his study. 

"They're hardly used at all.  What will you give me in trade for them on the purchase of  newer model washers?  We need five of them, just like the original purchase."

"Oh my dear friend... We will happily give you Ḱ39.00 for each of your old machines toward the purchase of a new one at the discounted price of just Ḱ949.99."

Jiggs wondered to himself,  "why no Ḱ0.99 tacked onto the trade-in value?"  Then his heart came up into his throat.  Professor Kavalioŭ was not going to be happy.

Jiggs told the salesman that he needed to shop around some, went back out to the street and resumed his ride to the university.

The End

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