Lab Equipment

Daybreak came too soon.  Jiggs' body hurt...  he thought from the wringer.  He had coffee and a peanut butter and strawberry preserve sandwich for breakfast.  Beelzebeth had a cup of tea.

He stuffed his laptop and several papers into his pack, kissed Beelzebeth goodbye, and hopped on his bike.  On his way to the university, Jiggs passed by an appliance store.  In the front window he spotted a wringer washer....  Just like his MeeMaw's.  A placard on top of the washer advertized a retail price of Ḱ649.99.   Jiggs pulled to the curb, chained his bike to a light pole and went inside.  Among other appliances, they also had dryers at the list price of Ḱ559.99.   He scribbled some notes in a pad he carried in his shirt pocket, returned to the sidewalk and resumed his ride to campus.

Jiggs hurried into the Biomathematics building, exchanging brief pleasantries with professors and students.  His mind had been racing since he woke up, and when he reached his desk, he pulled his laptop out of the pack, booted and started typing.  He needed to write about the science, the benefits of his research.  The implications of his research were staggering!  Ballpoint pins and umbrellas are the larvae and pupae of socks.  Application of this knowledge could be applied to biologically regulate the production and distribution of all these items.  For example, if some of the ballpoint pens at the bookstore stayed too long on the shelf, they would simply pupate, and the bookstore staff could just move them over to the umbrella rack.  Jiggs typed excitedly.

He had a busy, exciting week ahead of him.

The End

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