Jiggs and Beelzebeth arrived at the apartment in a steady, cold rain.  Beelzebeth was unhappy that she had to ride home in the basket, but knew that it beat walking from the university in the rain.  She went to the kitchen and pulled some leftovers out of the icebox while Jiggs took a seat at the kitchen table, booted his laptop, and started to type.

He was excited.  The committee had liked his proposal for his doctoral research, but the writing had just begun.  In order to be awarded the five million Ḱlupie grant, he and his adviser would have to submit a separate proposal to the DCHG outlining the need for the investigation, the theoretical work on which it was based, the benefits to society in general that would be forthcoming, and the costs that would be incurred.  The largest upfront costs would be for a large supply of experimental subjects...  Socks at their reproductive peak.  But once the study was underway, not all of the offspring would be needed for laboratory experimentation.  The excess could be sold to the campus bookstore, or on the open market to relieve the ballpoint pen shortage.

Beelzebeth glanced distractedly at the proposal that Jiggs was writing,  put a plate of food in the microwave, and pushed the start button.  Her dinner was ready in sixty seconds.  She pulled it out and ate in silence.

"Jiggsy, I'm tired.  I'm ready for bed.  Are you?"  She looked over at Jiggs as she moved towards the bedroom.  "I'm pretty tired too, Beelzie, but I need to do some work on this proposal tonight so that I have something to show Dr. Kavalioŭ tomorrow." replied Jiggs.

"Good night then Jiggsy... See you in the morning."

The End

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