The Ride Home

Beelzebeth followed Jiggs to his office, and asked about his talk, and what his committee thought of it.  He explained his observations of the morning, and the theory and investigation that he had so inexplicably convinced the committee to accept for his doctoral research.

"But, Sweetie... What about the pollinating insects?  So many bees, just disappearing!  You could have contributed so much to that field.  Plus, you worked so hard developing the proposal.  I just don't understand."

"You will, my Sweet Beelzie.  I promise.  Dr. Marković said that there is a crisis.  The nation desperately needs to cut back on this sock insanity and provide us more ballpoint pens.  DCHG is offering five million Klupies to find a solution"

"Well, maybe you're right.  Just today at the bookstore, we had to back order ballpoint pens for the fourth time.  Students are really getting panicky... Guess they can't very well take notes with their socks."

"Of course they can't.  That's why this work is so vital."  Jiggs stuffed the hard copy of his proposal, along with his computer into his pack, and pulled the straps onto his shoulders.  "You coming home with me, or do you have to go back to the bookstore?"

"Can we walk?  Please?"

"Baby, you know I can't leave my bike here."


Jiggs turned out the lights, pulled the door shut, and they went downstairs, and out the South entrance to the bike rack.  Jiggs straddled his bicycle, and motioned for Beelzebeth to get on.  With Jiggs holding the two wheeler steady, she hoisted her small frame up onto the basket.  A fine mist had started to fall, and it was a rough, silent ride back to the apartment over the ancient cobblestone streets.

The End

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