Jiggs was a few minutes late for his class,  and his students were getting restless, almost ready to walk out.  He wished they had.  He put the graded papers on a table beside the podium and invited the students to come and pick up their work.  A few did, but most of the papers went unclaimed.  He didn't care.  He was totally preoccupied by this morning's discovery.  He lectured halfheartedly for about a half hour about simulated timing of synchronized, bi-directionally coupled sensory neurons, then told the class to call it a day.

He went to his office, closed the door and opened the presentation for his proposal on his computer.  It was all wrong; Not the research he wanted to do... Not now!  He knew that his observation in the apartment this morning opened the door to ground-breaking work in biomathematics.  He had been going over it in his mind all the way here.  The current proposal would have to be scrapped, along with the presentation.  The meeting with his committee was scheduled for 1:00 pm.  Tardiness was not an option.  He went to work on the new proposal first.  He would have to print multiple copies and pass them out when he arrived at the meeting.  It wouldn't be as lengthy as the proposal he had originally intended to make;  There wasn't time.  After finishing the proposal and printing the required copies, Jiggs attacked the new presentation.  It would only be a half dozen slides or so.  The pics he had taken would be the highlight of the talk.

Jiggs finished up at 12:45, changed into a white shirt, faded tie, and rumpled suit, then shut his laptop off, gathered the copies of the proposal and sprinted for the department conference room.

He arrived at 12:59.  They were waiting for him.

The End

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