Would Bug's old friends be waiting for him at the old hangout?  Did they remember their pledge to each other, that when they finally came of age, they take their tour of all the sites here in Toronto.  Oh, not those places the tourists always take in, but the places where the Other World Adventurers go, the secret places, the magical places, the places normal people just walk by and never see.

As Bug reached the corner of Bay Street and Queen Street, he spotted his three old friends, standing on the opposite corner.  Mugsy was the first to spot old Bug.  He yelled, "Bugaroo, where you been?"  On Mugsy's right was  Curly, always the cute one, and on Mugsy's left, Chuckles, needless to say always the prankster.

Pug thought, "My, how I've missed them.  And they remembered.  Let the adventure begin."

After a rowdy welcome for each other, we just had to catch up on the news of what had been going on with each of us all through these years.  So we walked into the Starbucks and ordered our hot chocolates and lattes.



The End

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