This was exciting!  This was amazing!  This was Nobel Prize worthy! long as she could prove her experience.  She assumed that the time machine kept records of the places it landed, but that didn't do much good since she was in the same time, technically.  Therefore, it was up to her to get the evidence.  

She rustled around in her coat pockets and pulled out a point-and-shoot camera, wishing she had a video cam or at least a smart phone to film with.  And the first thing she took a photo of was the starless sky.  Creepy how much it reminded her of a science fiction story.  Somehow an existence without stars felt like an existence without hope.  

As she circled her space ship to get the lay of the land, she noticed something else weird.  The moon seemed to follow her.  Not in the way that an object that's far away stays in view as you turn.  No, it actually crossed the starless sky, swiftly, smoothly, menacingly.  

Suddenly it was becoming bigger and bigger, and she had only a second to snap a photo of it.


The End

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