The Alternate Lives of Cassidy Ives

Cassidy Ives is a young woman on a mission to transcend the boundaries of time. What happens next is up to you.

Young Cassidy Ives is a modern woman.  A curious scientist with an interesting new job from the government, she is tasked with the mission to become the first person to time travel.  The time machine only contains enough energy to send one person, so she has to go it alone.  She's not even sure she'll survive!  It's up to you to see her safely off to some exciting new locations in the space-time continuum.  Hopefully she won't mess things up too badly.  Bear in mind that, wherever she goes, the time machine goes with her, so she is able to return to it and reuse it at any time.

While the first three branches should consist of appropriate content based on their titles, bear in mind that Cassidy may travel to World War II after her visit to the Wild West, etc.  You are not limited to three different time periods here! The first three branchings are the Old West, sometime in Cassidy's past (within her original lifetime), and the probably distant future.  Anyone can contribute!

Please try to follow the parameters given to you by the previous branches off of which you are working.  And have fun!  ^_^

So let's begin:

Cassidy stepped gingerly onto the platform as a lump rose in her throat.  She had never been so nervous in all her life.  Today's the day, and now's the time, she thought.  This was hopefully going to be the very first successful instance of significant time travel.  This went way beyond Einstein's Theory of Relativity.  This was the real deal.  

She had met with all the experts who had thoroughly debriefed her on what to expect, but Cassidy knew full well that no one really understood what time travel would be like.  Just get in the machine, confirm the date and time, press the button, and go, she played the steps out in her mind.  Then step out, find evidence that the travel was successful, and return.  That's all there is to it.

A man on the perimeter of the cylindrical glass chamber which housed the machine signaled that it was time to enter.  He pressed a button at the control panel where he sat to tell her "God's speed" through a speaker.

Cassidy got in the machine.  Confirmed the date and time.  Pressed the button... and went.

The End

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