Chapter One


"Hello gentlemen," a red-headed woman wearing a navy cloak spoke with clear authority, examining the two young sorcerers that stood before her.

One of the teens that stood in front of her wore casual clothes and had long dark hair which was tied back with a white ribbon. He was eager, keen to please his mistress. Or was he? There was some weird feeling surrounding him, he was keen. He was undercover. He didn't belong there.

The other teen was thin and fair, about half a foot taller than his dark haired friend. He wore a white shirt and black jeans with studded boots. His lip was pierced and he had cropped white-blonde hair. He was nervous, edgy.

"Why have you called us here?" the dark-haired boy asked, fully aware of what was coming next.

"Tell me, just how long did you think you'd get away with it? Betraying us? Feeding information to the League of Hunters?" the woman in the cloak grinned viciously as she stood up and strode fluidly toward the pair, tossing her hands in the air with amusement.

The dark haired boy laughed, deciding to play ignorant until he could figure out his escape, "I don't understand what you're talking about."

"We took you in! We looked after you, taught you!" she screeched in the dark-haired boy's face venemously. "You told us you were an orphan and all along, you were a half-breed undercover. You filthy, disgusting, traitorous half-breed! Do you think I don't know who your mother is?"

"Why am I here?" the blonde asked nervously after a prolonged silence, avoiding the woman's gaze.

"You're here to kill him," the cloaked woman grinned, pulling down her hood to reveal her sharp-feautured fair face. "I think murder is perfect for a first assignment, don't you? It'll show me what you're made of."

The blonde bit down on his lip piercing--a nervous habit. He couldn't kill anyone, nevermind someone he'd made good friends with, someone he'd shared a dorm room with for over a year. Was the master testing him? The Crest was an organization of sorcerers and witches who performed dark magic, but he had never heard of them killing anyone, only keeping them prisoner.

He glanced at his dark-haired friend, it all made sense now. He had always wondered why anyone would choose to join the Crest. He hadn't had a choice in the matter, it was his heritage, he had been forced into it. Nobody in their right mind would join the organization out of choice, almost every member had been somehow forced, blackmailed--apart from the truly insane ones.

If he said agreed, he'd lose a friend and remain with the Crest for the rest of his life, blood of someone he treasured on his hands. If he refused to kill his friend he would risk death himself, but there was a chance of escaping, perhaps the dark-haired boy had something planned . . .

"No," he said quietly, swallowing hard.

The womans eyes flickered with amusement and something else, perhaps anger. The teens exchanged quick glances. The blonde swallowed hard twice more.

"So you're saying that you won't kill him?" the woman asked, her emerald eyes pouring into the blonde's brown ones. "You're saying that you're going to disobey me?"

The blonde bit down on his piercing again, "That's what I'm saying."


[Heh, this chapter isn't actually finished--this is one of Imogen's mysterious dreams. I just wanted to write something to get people started. I'll add the rest in a few days time.]

The End

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