The Alterer

Imogen and Jennifer Aubrey have been living alone with their feral cat Hissy since their parents accidental death two years ago. Everything seems to be going well, until the sisters get into a car crash and Jennifer dissapears, leaving Imogen in the care of the wealthy yet mysterious Morel siblings and their parents who never seem to be around.
Could Imogen's series of mysterious dreams have anything to do with Jennifer's whereabouts?


There was a knock at the door which broke the disturbing, eerie silence. It was what the sisters had been waiting for, and yet they weren't eager to open the door.

"I'll get it for you girls," their next door neighbor Catherine had been watching over them for a few days, keeping them company and cooking their meals until their parents returned. After the first day it'd became clear that something had happened to the couple--they had never left their daughters alone for more than six hours, never mind twenty four.

Jennifer, the eldest daughter was sitting in the armchair her father usually occupied, hugging her knees to her chest, her eyes on her younger sister Imogen, who was lying down in front of the fireplace, hiding her face. Both sisters knew that something had happened to their parents. Jennifer had seen enough crime shows to know that Catherine was answering the door to a police officer or two. Catherine would invite them in and make everyone tea whilst one of police officers explained to the girls that their parents were . . . well, Jennifer didn't want to think about that part yet.

"Are the girls inside?" a soft voice filled with sympathy spoke.

"Yes, come on through, I'll make everyone some tea shall I?" Catherine said with false cheer. The Aubrey's had been like a family to her, the girls were like the granddaughters she'd never had.

Jennifer braced herself as a police woman entered the living room. Imogen sat up quickly, half expecting her mother to be standing in the doorway. Another police officer, a man, entered after the female. The pair sat down on one of the sofas and smiled sadly at the girls.

Catherine entered the room minutes later holding a tray of mugs. She placed it down gently on the coffee table and sat down on the arm of Jennifer's chair, squeezing the teenagers shoulder comfortingly. Jennifer glanced at the police officers, it was the woman who broke the news.

"I don't really know how to say this," she started. Jennifer thought how hard it must be for her, telling people that something bad had happened to their loved ones. "Your parents got into an accident and unfortunately they passed away before an ambulance got on the scene."

"What kind of accident?" Jennifer asked solemnly as her sister began to cry hysterically. Catherine got up and made her way over to Imogen, trying to think of a way to console the fifteen-year-old. The whole situation was breaking the pensioners heart, why did it have to be the Aubrey's? They had done nothing to deserve this.

"A car accident," the police woman said quietly. "Their car collided with a truck.

The End

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