Memories of the Last TatainMature

As he also put his hooves down on the ground, but then suddenly the female pony leans her head to his upper shoulder.He slowly looked at her and walked along with the group of ponies, now he noticed that Flasher Shy doesn't helped around that much when he was in the college .He then remembers of his pass childhood memories and how they seem so interesting and filled with mysteries that have not  be prefill yet!.His Memories was setting back toward the year of 3032 when everything was normal to him and his friends where friends, and they and him was just a filly!. He was cute and small with short spiky hair, but it was black and thin his eyes was a little lighter and wider,his friends was all Peagues and peagui! . He was the brains, and the stagiest of the group .Also the most Memeberel friend is Jack Mighty, Jack was the trouble maker and a creative pony on earth he can get out of most everything that he deals with even the policemen and the Night Knights men!.He (Jack Mighty) was just a normal pony with allot of back fires in his days, he and Jack has so many adventures you can't even count them.And the most memeberel one is when he last saw Jack Mighty running away from the policemen and something else he said that he will not forget.

Jack Mighty: "You're a true and honest,.. Friend and I wish that I could stay here longer.But I can't... someone is catching after my soul!! And *cries* I'm..I.."

He just left the policemen and me wondering about his disappearing into the middle of the night.And as they where getting closer to the open door way with Ronger standing in his place .Flasher Shy looked at both of them she noticed that Glory Mucky was in space then she over heard someone talking about something to the south.

A pony talking1#:"Hey,!what the boogie!  was that all.. about Julie?!"

Then she heard another voice that is kind of similar to the other voice but more closer .

A Pony talking 2#: "Yah! what the fuck was that about!?"

Julie (Pony Talking 3#) : "Hey,..! I'm sorry you guys I guess I was just rushing in front of you..!".

As they where finishing up Flasher moved up to the front of the packs of ponies, as Glory Mucky and the female pony just was leaning his shoulders. Then Flasher Shy noticed Julie as a old class mate buddy.She raced towards her and spook her with the Top secret surprise attack call the B.J.F.J or Buddy jump for Joy attack, so she leaps a side her and smile and asked.

Flasher Shy: " Hey Julie Adamdsion ! It's me're old class mate buddy!!?"

Julie Adamsion then just stirred at her, with the look and she almost smile but rudely the other male pony said.

Pony 2# :"You are just plain weird are you?..!"

Flasher Shy look at the pony with a cheerful smile, then nodded at the pony and asked.

Flasher Shy: "Hey ..Whats you're Name!?..and I was wondering if you ..! can help me ?"

Julie next remembers her old friend in middle school, her eyes wide open and the cutie mark that is a crystal changes colors, on her left side of her hip.Julie was surprise that she came to asked for help as the two male ponies just realized she is totally her old friend from middle school . That she has been hanging around lately, the two male ponies both has brown-ish golden hooves and brown skin ,but one on the left has a goku type of hair style with spiky black hair going to the back of his neck, he not so much as a manly pony but more like a pretty pony .His cutie mark was on the right which is a SPA symbol with a rounded green sopa and with bubbles surrounding the SPA symbol!. His eyes where a black Kaith Vollet . And the person that is rudely said something about is his twin brother Vegtli'gha Vollet, his brother hair is spiky and looking cool and every thing, he is more on the manly side the the pretty boy's side!.His Muscles where big his eyes look more shallow, and darkness then his own brother with is fill with joy and happyness. And his cutie Mark was a Dark energy ball with the surroundings of stars.

Vegtli'gha said with the upsetting voice : "I'm.. soo..! sorry with my behavior lately!..My Name is Vegtli'gha!.. But you can just call me..Veggie for short! and this is mine twin brother Kaith!"

Kaith: "Hi we can help you..!" 

The End

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