The TearsMature

He was successfully walking around the front of the group, but when he bumped into a young female pony with light blue fur and a cutie mark on her left side of her hip.The cutie mark is a thunder bolt and for the back ground is a white fluffy cloud, her hair was long and gray, her eyes where purple-ish gray and for her tail the same thing. Her Hooves was black like Ronger has as she gasped with surprise .

The Female pony: "I'm soo! sorry..! Mister General!"

He then stirred at her for a minute next he himself was trying, to not to be rude but he was eye viewing the pink fluffy cloud female pony when she was going to talk . Glory said quickly with a rushing voice.

Glory Mucky: "I'm sorry but this is an emergency!"

As he going to race pass her .

The Female Pony: "WAIT! I have not.. Give you my name."

He pause for a second.

The Female Pony: " My Name is ..Flasher ! and the first class of the head of the Shy family!.. and I will be welling to help you Mister General!"

He was surprised that a rare first class was going to help him, and as he was thinking about it. The clouds came in slowly and  a dark gray color with a loud *Crashing* sounds that sounded allot like lighting . Some of the ponies was spook about the loud sounds, as does the general but he didn't even get even worried about the lighting clouds . He was more worried about the other pony and either not allow or maybe allow Flasher Shy helped him.The sky was clear as day the sun shines above Pony Ville, the buildings that surrounded the school was bigger as one's in New York city .Pony Ville do have some fresh green grass and forest that surround the east area of the future Pony Ville. The roads where to the east and to the west, with also the glowing colors of  green, blue and white but only this time it was on the edges of the roads. Flashing colors left to right, the ground is also black metal but it was kind of dusty with dirt floating all around it.The roads crossed path throw the left to the right of the middle of Pony Ville.

Glory Mucky finally decided to let Flasher Shy help him as he said : "Yes you...May help me (Is this an good ideal?)...And please call me Glory Mucky!"

Flasher Shy was confused about the name calling but she said any was with a joy and bubbly voice .

Flasher Shy: "Okay!!! Muckie!!... he..hheee hee!"

Glory Mucky : "Uhmm..? Muckie!?" with the confusing look.Then he quickly said .

Glory Mucky: "Lets go! Flasher Shy! No time to loose!!"

Next flasher shy said back with a cheery voice.

Flasher Shy:"He..hee!!O-kay !!".

They soon quickly came to the back end of the pony group,Glory Mucky suddenly noticed that the pony with fluffy cloud hair has slowed down her past and seem like she was going to fainted .As Glory Mucky looked at her bloody left leg and gasped, then Flasher Shy soon gasped as well!.They then get a little closer to her, Glory Mucky catches her and whisper to her in a demanding and nice voice as she leans her head on his shoulders as they stood up and he patted her fluffy hair.

Glory Mucky whisper: "There..There! you okay now.. I gotcha! "

As the pony started to cry not by Glory Mucky helped hand but by the painful memories and pains itself the tears started to flow down her face as the wind pick's up immediately .Her hair and Glory Mucky also Flasher Shy bellow among the cold wind, her tears started to  dripped apart into the dark cold winds that shivers her long legs, her fluffy hair proofed up a little bit, as Glory Mucky asked.

Glory Mucky: " Can you walked..On you're hooves to the door?!"

She simply nodded her head and put her front hooves down on the hard metal ground,as Glory Mucky looked back he saw a bloody foot print path to her !. Glory Mucky then worried in his mind .

Glory Mucky: (Ohh..! Boy *sighs* I guess .. we have some cleaning up to.. do!?"


The End

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