The Talent Show 286 year 3098.Mature

Twlight sparkles and Pinkie Pie Left clues for the near future of 3098 and a Letter a leaning to a Adventure's of the life time. What type of clues did they left ? Is it important? Or Is it just for fun for them?. And can someone get it before someone else did?.And what is the letter have to do with all of this ..? Also can Rossy find the way to get away from her foster father that have been abusing her when she was just 10 year old?And can she find true love and friends ? FIND OUT SOON.

At the near future of 3098 of Pony Ville. A group of teenagers ponies group came walking forward  to a high school that is tall as a Moutain. The shape of it is a diamond with five side's the windows where all glass proof, the door way was wide opened with two strong males knights standing on each side of the door way. On the right there where a long spiky blonde haired pony, that has a cutie mark of a sliver gate key and his fur was dark black-ish red and his dark blue eyes looked upon the ponies his hooves are shiny like the sun and the color where black. His armor thou! sparkles like million's of star's in the night blue sky, his armor is made out of sliver and his chest armor where made out of iron. But for the pony that was standing on the left he wore a golden armor, this armor was made for the tops generals of Pony Ville .The armor has a japan designed that is an dragon design with it wings touches the each edge of the chest armor. The armor shines as the sun touches it the dragon of the chest armor was red it tail make an S symbol and his hooves where also black and shining .His hair style is a buzz cut with some spiky gray hair on the top and his ears stick out like elf ears. His dark black eyes was looking at a pony in the back of the group of ponies. He quickly look at her very carefully and saw that she was bleeding on her right long leg as he looked at her he noticed she have no cutie mark and spotted some black and blue Marks around her hip and her left eyes. The color of the pony is lightly- purple-ish- pink and her hair was like the clouds, fluffy and white her tail sagging down as she was about to get water-ily eyes she *cough* out blood. As she cough the male pony was getting a little worried. The male pony doesn't have a cutie mark as well as the other pony, she being to rube her nose with her dark pink left hove, the path way that the group walk upon on is like more sold with metal and glowing lights colors which are white, babe blue, and green as they walked closer to the solider and the general.The girl that the general looked at was getting closer to his view eye spot.He can finally tell that the female pony was very injured as he started to turn his head to the solider and asked in a nice whisper voice.

General *Whispering*: "spptt!.. Ronger!.."

As Ronger slowly turn his head to the left and *Whisper*: "Yah? General Glory Mucky?!"

General Glory Mucky *Whisper*: "I want you to take care of..this group so I can go check upon someone ..Okay?!"

Then Ronger nodded his head and said "Yes Sir!!"

But in Glory mind he wonder (*Did that girl just.. get bully..!? Or Maybe her Parents..?)*Sighs*.As he carefully walked and lifted his hooves on each stairs, then he lift his chest up and his neck to look all tall and brave when he walked around the front of the group.  

The End

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